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BattleTech | A Game of Armored Combat

It is the 32nd century, a time of endless wars in which star empires clash across human-occupied space.
These epic wars are won and lost by BattleMechs, 30-foot-tall humanoid metal titans bristling with weapons.

TRO 3145 Republic

TRO 3145: Republic

The great experiment that was the Republic of the Sphere has failed. Withdrawn behind the Fortress walls, the once-great power has become a silent, opaque remnant of its former glory. Without its influence, old hatreds have risen anew. As war once more rages across the Inner Sphere, new equipment strides across ancient battlefields. Technology, once stagnated by trade restrictions and peace treaties, now surges forward again, testing these new machines in the fierce crucible of war.
Technical Readout: 3145 Republic of the Sphere introduces the wave of new battle armor, vehicle, ‘Mech, and aerospace units appearing across the Inner Sphere in the Dark Age era. Featuring new and matured technology, and presented in this series of faction-specific PDFs, these combat units will add excitement and variety to any game table.

TRO 3145 Republic is available through BattleCorps and DriveThruRPG