Greetings Sao-weiHis Celestial Wisdom Welcomes You

Operation Thunderstrike is underway. We will have our Vengeance!

The Capellan Confederation will repel the renegade Federated Suns from our borders and avenge the death of Duchess Liao and the Chancellor!

Loyal Capellan sons and daughters of the Celestial Throne
Learn about the different mercenary units that comprise the Hexare Grenadiers and how they answered the Chancellor's call.
Operation: Thunderstrike
Follow the Hexare Grenadiers as they punish the Federated Suns for their transgressions against the Capellan people.
See Capellan vengeance take shape
Maps and Battle Reports of the Confederation's glorious soldiers in action.

In the Spotlight

  •             Sian, September 4, 3068

                Many mercenary units were hired on during Operation: Sovereign Justice by the Capellan Confederation to defend against the onslaught of Duke Hasek's AFFS forces. After fighting an intense defensive campaign, in late September of 3068, the AFFS offensive had lost steam and Sang-jiang-jun Talon Zahn, took command to authorize the Capellan counterattack.

    Mercenary units with expiring contracts and those looking for work converged on Hexare. A group of mercenary commanders who all had previously crossed paths decided to band together to obtain better contract terms. The new coalition consisted of the Warlock Fusiliers, the Lords of the Night, Shengli Armed Asset Protection, Piotrowski's Predators, Bethlens' Irregulars, Taku-No and Sendo Tenshi.

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