Glasgow - The Trial

Unsure of how this coalition of mercenary units would function together, especially since they had rarely worked together in the past, the Capellan liaison deployed the Hexare Grenadiers to the planet of Glasglow. Although not a primary objective, Glasglow was still the property of the Capellan Confederation. And since it was not as heavily defended as the primary defense had been pulled to react to the initial counter offensive, the Hexare Grenadier could work out some standard tactics and learn to work together as a cohesive unit. The main objective was to smash a supply depot and then hit the main AFFS outpost hidden in the forests of Glasglow, which would all but end the resistance of AFFS and any remaining AFFS forces would be sweep aside.


Overton - Urban Conflict

While the liberation of Glasglow had gone as smoothly as could be expected, Overton was decisively the opposite. The AFFS forces stood their ground, grinding the Fifteenth Dracon and Warrior House Ijori down. The Hexare Grenadiers were reassigned to help the Fifteenth and House Ijori. The AFFS had withdrawn to the capital of Overton and the Grenadiers were to help liberate the city.


Gei-Fu - Distraction and Surprise

After the liberation of the Glasglow, Gei-Fu was selected as the next target for reclamation as the Grenadiers were assigned to provide assistance to the House troops assigned to the offensive there. Our orders were to perform a feint to draw AFFS defenders off of the main FedSun installation while the House troops moved in for the kill.


Warlock - Winter's Embrace

As the AFFS's defenses stiffen against the onslaught of Operation: Thunderstrike, the Hexare Grenadiers are sent to Warlock, the homeworld of William Gauthier, commander of the Warlock Fusiliers. Will Major Gauthier's intimate knowledge of Warlock be enough to give the Hexare Grenadiers the edge against the St. Ives 2nd Janissaries?


St. Ives - Urban Brawl

As Wave Two concludes, the Hexare Grenadiers are shifted to St. Ives to support Task Force: Light Horse, who had been engaged on St. Ives for nearly a month. With the fighting now centered around urban environments, the AFFS and St Ives forces were likely going to be tough to root out. With the pressure of Wave Three's counter-offensive momentium welling up, will their liberation of Warlock provide them with a morale boost to survive the deadly fighting on St. Ives and oust the would be invaders?

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Brighton - Going for a Swim

After the successful liberation of three planets to the Capellan Confederation, the Hexare Grenadiers were given a difficult task on the planet Brighton. The AFFS had set up an underwater base in a sizable lake surrounded by defendable terrain. Brighon was a strategic asset as it hosts numerous iron and copper mines as well as a well regarded training facility. The Hexare Grenadiers were tasked with mounting three separate break-through missions to try and penetrate the AFFS defensive screens and converge on and destroy the underwater base.

ArrivalBreakthrough 1Breakthrough 2Siege


Vestallas - Divide and Conquer

Vestallas is a cultural center of the Capellan Confederation, housing many treasures in its famous underground vaults. It was no surprise that it was the next destination of the Hexare Grenadiers, who were supplementing Task Force: Light Horse. Since the ranks of the individual units comprising the Hexare Grenadiers had swelled to at least company sized, they were tasked with several different objectives, having to assign different units to different missions to go off simultaneously in hopes of confusing the AFFS.

ArrivalHome GuardManeuversAftermath

Texlos - Spelunking is Fun

Texlos was another critical strategic asset in need of liberation. Home to a sizable aerospace industry, taxed Capellan squadrons would soon need replacements to continue the fight. As such, the Hexare Grenadiers spearheaded the main assault on the FedSun command and control base located in an active volcanic mountain range. It was assumed the destruction of their command center would lead to the collapse of the rest of the local forces, allowing the Capellans to dedicate their military assets elsewhere while militia forces cleaned up the remains.

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