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Warlock Fusiliers

Son of minor nobility from the planet Warlock, William Gauthier grew up on a planet and in a family of divided loyalties. Like his namesake uncle, Mandrinn William Gauthier-Liao, William Gauthier was a strong proponent of the Compact's reunion with the Capellan Confederation, which put him at odds with other members of his family who supported Duchess Candace. When the St. Ives Conflict claimed both his parents, William used his inheritance to purchase a StarCorps EMP-6A Emperor and headed to Outreach looking to found a mercenary unit with which to support his ideals.

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Bethlens' Irregulars

Gustav Bethlen found himself on the frontlines as a cease-fire was issued between his Free World's League and the opposing Lyran Alliance. With nothing to do while the politicians talked, the two sides intermingled. Gustav met a young Lieutenant fighting for the Alliance and the two quickly hit it off. Unwilling to join the other side, they agreed to form their own mercenary unit, joined by one of her reports. Upon arriving on Galatea they met up with an expatriot from the Third Crucis Lancers who agreed to fill out their lance. Not wanting to fight against either of their home nations, they signed on to work with the Capellan Confederation fighting with the Federated Suns.

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Piotrowski's Predators

Adrian Piotrowski was born into a military family in the Taurian Concordat. His father was a non-commission armored force sergeant of the Taurian Defense Force stationed along the FedSun border for most of his life. His childhood was unremarkable, above average in both academics and athletics, he was quite the socialite, popular among his classmates. He grew up joking they'd join the TDF and go fight the exotic clansmen. And, shortly after graduation he enlisted like his older brother and father as a soldier in the TDF.

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Sendo Tenshi

Damien Grimm hales from Skye in the Lyran Alliance. He joined the Lyran Armed Forces with-in one-week of coming to age. He was considered fanatical in his service of House Steiner. When the Archon created the Alliance Jaegers, Damien requested a transfer to the Skye Jaegers. He was given Lance command in the 3rd Company. It was here he met the three individuals who one day help him create his mercenary command.

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GrenadiersLearn About the Hexare

Hexare Units
Grenadier history, organization and personnel.

WorldsPlanetary Atlas

Hexare Battlefields
The CCAF liberates from Glasgow to St. Ives and beyond.

CampaignOperation: Thunderstrike

Hexare Operations
Invasion and the Confederation response.