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Welcome to the Centre for Interstellar Analysis

Welcome to the CISA Online Compendium and the Kapteyn Universe!

The Kapteyn Universe is a BattleTech Alternate Universe and Game based on the Succession Lords gaming system. This website is the CISA online compendium - a site dedicated to archiving and showcasing important information from the Kapteyn Universe. Built like an online encyclopedia, each section of the CISA Compendium contains game resources, fiction and source material covering the width and breadth of the Kapteyn Universe.

Kapteyn Universe Downloads

Readers who are new the Kapteyn Universe should read the first three sourcebooks detailing and outlining the backstory of the Kapteyn Universe. These three books, the CISA Year in Review 3023, The Other Option: Kapteyn's First Strike Book 1 and The Other Option: Kapteyn's First Strike Book 2 are available for immediate download, and are the fictional foundation for Kapteyn Universe's fictional setting. The Online Compendium is also pleased to provide readers with downloadable archived copies of the Terran Times. Written news directly from the Kapteyn Universe, the Terran Times is a great source of information on the daily life, culture and living in the Kapteyn Universe. Fans of BattleTech who are familiar with ComStar's INN will find the Terran Times similar in scope and thoroughly enjoyable reads. New and current Terran Times articles are written weekly and added to the mainsite under the Terran Times Category heading.

The Kapteyn Universe also has a live development and interactive forum. Here players and fans alike can interact, discuss and perhaps even influence the game. Hosted on the forums, the Kapteyn Universe Development Board is the place to get involved, ask questions or learn more about how the Kapteyn Universe Game works.

About CISA

Founded in 2412 by Alex Friedman, an ex-Hegemony Intelligence officer, the Center for Interstellar Strategic Analysis grew into the most well respected independent strategic analysis consultancy within the Inner Sphere. By the time of Friedman's death in 2467, the CISA was consulting to all six Inner Sphere states, two Periphery realms and countless private organizations. Widely recognized for its balanced, in-depth and insightful analysis of current and future events. The CISA has offices on almost every significant planet in each major realm. A powerful intelligence organization, their head offices are on New Earth in the Lyran Commonwealth.