Conventional Infantry – Campaign Perspective

Hello!  This is Klinktastic here, and I’m currently in the process of transferring my Jihad Campaign over to  Until then, I’m going to post up some campaign tactics primers to get you all in mood for some campaign after action reports. This first tactic article was based off of  a very good article written by Fireangel called

Having Fun

I have been lax with my blogging here, so I thought I’d post a small Blog before the new members we are chasing out blog the lot of us. Having spent the last 2 weeks on my back, one of the nice things that helped was being able to communicate with all my faceless mates

Archon Awakens

New from Tharkad this morning has been greeted with joy across the Lyran Commonwealth.  Doctors attending the Archon announced that Katrina Steiner was successful brought out of her long coma and is now resting comfortably with her daughter by her side. Although still unwell and weeks away from a full recovery, the Archon is said

You Know Who You Are

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This is not so much a blog post, but more of a short rant and is dedicated to all those who open themselves up when they post their creative endeavors to BT forums anywhere. It is dedicated to the hard workers but aimed at those buzz killers, whingers, sooks, self righteous pricks, kill joys and