I have just started my first organised collaboration effort for the KU, which is significantly different from just managing players and their contributions.  Like all such efforts, this one was much larger than the initial idea foretold. I have tinkerd with the Clans for the Kapteyn Universe (KU) for a couple of years now and

Texlos: Pursue the Fleeing AFFS After Action Report

After destroying the AFFS underground base on Texlos and fled the cascading, the Hexare Grenadiers had broken the AFFS’s defensive grip on Texlos.  Between reports of AFFS dropships moving towards the body of water connecting to the mountain and the cargo ships that had been at the base, the Hexare Grenadiers sent five lances to investigate

Texlos: Siege of the Underground Base After Action Report

Piotrowski’s Predators: Wraith-C3, 2 Falconer-C3, Shadowhawk C3M Tako Nu: Hatchman 6D, Shadowhawk 5D, Hunchback 6N, Penetrator 4D Warlock Fusiliers: Pillager 3Z, Devastator DVS-2, Cataphract 3LL, Emperor 6A Bethlans’ Irregulars: Grasshopper 6K, Hunchback 5S, Custom Victor, Custom Atlas OpFor: Thunderbolt 9S, JagerMech JM7-F, Penetrator 4D, Warhammer 8D, Stalker 5S, King Crab 009, Osiris 3D, Razorback 9S,