Warlock: Cauldron of Ice After Action Report

The second mission on Warlock tasked the Hexare Grenadiers with crossing a river at night, in hopes that the torrent waters would freeze over, allowing them to harass the defenders on the other side.  This begins the mission, a Cauldron of Ice. 2nd Janissaries: 2 Myrmidons, 2 Demolisher (Gauss Variants), 4 Bulldogs, 2 Mantis VTOLs, 2

Collaboration Redux

In his recent post, Blacknova outlined the effort and materials necessary to orchestrate a comprehensive, multi-author collaborative fiction project. Set in his expanding Kapteyn Universe, the “Clan Project” (as I’m calling it) is set to literally rewrite BattleTech history on a massive scale. But what happens when an attempt is made to combine canon events