Is there a Naval Gap?

The return of WarShips to the battlefields of the Succession Wars has prompted a re-evaluation of military priorities across the Inner Sphere, most particularly within the Federated Suns, which is currently the only nation facing hostile warships in battlespace.  However, the question of how long the Federated Suns Navy (FSN) will retain this unhappy distinction

Who is Responsible?

Following several bomb attacks on civilian and military buildings all across the Taurian Concordat, riots have erupted on several additional worlds, where rioters are calling for a halt to these attacks, or for a more active policy against the Federated Suns (which is believed to be behind theses attacks). At the same time, reports from

Mercenary Updates: May 3025

May saw some interesting developments in the mercenary market, as several old commands suffered in the ongoing fighting and new commands continued to form amidst the chaos. The Condottieri Made up of survivors from the Thumpers, Morioshi’s Independent Assault Battalion and even a few breakaways from both Hansen’s Roughriders and The Lone Star Regiment, the

Other Actions: May 3025

OTHER ACTIONS For the most part, the various pirate bands were quiet this month, but the campaign against the Painful Reckonings band came to a conclusion, further cementing the Oberon-Lyran alliance and the Taurians began to gain the upper hand against the defenders of Pirate’s Haven after months of frustrating stalemate and near defeat.