Arbitration PodCast – June 2012

Arbitration Studio’s June 2012 BattleTech Podcast

This month Arbitration Studios talks Ben H. Rome’s Total Chaos, MechWarrior Online and MechWarrior Tactics. There is our take on the new Grinder Game Format and whispers of new products coming from Ironwind Metals. In our final segment we have a lively discussion about our Corporate overlords watching us, Taiwan’s continuing bid for freedom, and our new home on
All in this month’s PodCast from Arbitration Studios – the last word in BattleTech
Be sure to check out our July PodCast coming soon, and don’t forget GenCon is right around the corner.
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Arbitration PodCast - June 2012


  1. If Face Time isn’t working I would try Skype. What High Test really needs is a headset/microphone. A headset will cut down on most of the local sound issues. A quick run through some music software will correct the rest. I can help with that last bit…

    It’d be a bloody shame to lose his commentary.

    Good luck High Test! Safe journey and best wishes!

    1. Quick note – I totally forgot to mention this.

      Devlin Stone’s Atlas is an Atlas II, not a remake of the original. So the comparison of LRM 20, SRM6, 2 ER LLs, etc. is a little off. Compared to the original Royal Atlas II Devlin’s isn’t too bad. If anything, I expected more Clan-tech. Weird to only see a Clan ER LL as the primary piece of ClanTech. Would have been nice to see the LB 10-X AC swapped for a Clan version.

  2. Thanks for the recognition, guys! Glad you liked Total Chaos. Love the new digs here on OTB, too…

  3. Thanks for the recognition, guys! Glad you liked Total Chaos. Love the new digs here on OTB, too…

    Regarding Stone’s Atlas II (aside from what Knightmare mentioned) – great leaders don’t necessarily need cheese whiz units; it’s how they use what they have that defines their greatness. 😉

    1. Knightmare, as for production issues, I run through Garage band and for the most part it works great. the reason the sound was so substandard was when I plugged in our conference mic, I forgot to double check that it was turned on, so we were recording from my laptops internal microphone… oops 😛

      and Mr Rome, you are most welcome as far as the accolades. I am sure with a couple of beers you and I could discuss the pros and cons of the Atlas II’s modifications. I never said they lacked character, just that there were some decisions that made me go “what?”

      hope to see you in Indy!

  4. another nice podcast undecided on the Total Chaos book, others that I want, don’t play too much at the moment

    nice descriptions of the two Mechs it seems that Cameron did a good job but he couldn’t win that would make Knightmare think the Word had a chance 😀

    keep up the good work guys and gals

  5. Glad to see you guys completely transitioned over! Looking forward to more BT podcasts!!!

  6. Frankly, I was most fascinated by high tests chosen profession. I would love to hear how this goes as you progress through apprenticeship.

    Solvang is really pretty area.

    Good luck in your new chapter.

    Are you going to look for a new cohost?

  7. Knightmare,

    Thanks. The journey was safe and clock repair is interesting so far. I don’t plan on just dropping Arbitration like it’s hot. 🙂 JP and I will figure out how to make it work.

    ItinerantHobbyist, It’s been interesting so far. The guys I work with are pretty cool. I wouldn’t say it’s my chosen profession – yet. I still have strong feelings about teaching history. But I’m enjoying it so far. Just don’t ask me what time it is. I can pick whatever time I want. Solvang is in fact pretty, as is the whole area. My drive to work from Lompoc is so beautiful.

    JP talks of looking for a new co-host, maybe we will have to. Hopefully, we can get our technical issues resolved. There be things to discuss in battletechland. Maybe we will get a new co-host, with occasional commentary from me. But I’m not going anywhere. I’m still insane enough to stay on this particular train.

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