A very Arbitration Christmas

With Christmas only a day away, we here at Arbitration Studios want to give our holiday gift to our listeners: an extra long Arbitration show!

In this special holiday episode we’ll cover every BattleTech release from Halloween through Christmas 2013, including some a (relatively) spoiler free look at the A Time of War adventure: Necromo Nightmare. Afterwards we’re joined by a very special guest—BattleTech Assistant Line Developer Ben H. Rome—who we grill mercilessly with a battery of BattleTechy questions. Then it’s time to announce the winner of our LAM Christmas Carol Contest and the Arbitration News Desk, where we’ll remind everyone why Christmas is a time of giving—even if that giving involves a lot of pain.

Finally, if anyone can tell JPArbiter what a SkinFlint is, please write the Studios at arbitration.studios@gmail.com

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A very Arbitration Christmas

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