OurBattleTech.com is all about fostering Creative BattleTech Development

That means we’re here to help you create, develop and foster your BattleTech hobby. Whether it is a full blown Alternate Universe or short story, this website exists to help bring your ideas to life.

So how does it work?

The basic idea is that most fan projects fizzle out due to a lack of community interest, writer’s block or resources. Well, OurBattleTech.com aims to change all that. We believe that by pulling the creative resources of the BattleTech community together we can provide mutual support for each others individual hobby.

BattleTech players come from all walks of life. Some are Web Designers, Artists, Welders, Nurses, Teachers, Marketing Gurus, Truckers, or even Students. Each have special talents in their own right, but maybe not all of them. A Nurse may be a wonderful writer, but unable to draw stick figures even if given a copy to sketch. Or maybe our Artist can draw ’Mechs, tanks and fighters as easily as walking, but needs help editing the grammar and punctuation of their latest fan fiction. Alone their fan projects may be less than their full potential, but by working together, pulling resources and skill sets they can bring each others ideas to life.

OurForum is the first step in obtaining that Goal

On the OurBattleTech Forum anyone can be a developer, controlling the venerable fate and direction of their creative BattleTech endeavor. Have an idea? We’ll build you your own little slice of forum just for you. Want to control the development? We’ll privatize it. Want a community free for all? We can make it happen. Having a bit of writer’s block? Ask the community for help. By working together we can overcome lack of interest, writer’s block or resources. By helping each other, we enrich and strengthen the BattleTech community as a whole.

All you need is an idea, a love of BattleTech and a desire to be a part of a strong community.

Requesting Resources

Most BattleTech ideas start off small. A single thread, a few e-mails and so on. We’ve designed this forum to take into account basic incremental growth, so that every fan gets the opportunity to bring their ideas to life. For starters, members should take advantage of the General BattleTech Category on our forum. There, members can gain valuable exposure and begin developing their ideas with help from the entire fan community. Once an idea has reached the point where a single board is no longer enough, we’ll open it – building new boards to house the project as it expands. (We like to take the Clan mentality of waste not, want not to heart!)

Do not worry about slowing down. Our Content Managers are active members of this community, but if you feel like you are not getting the forum resources you need, let us know! Remember, active members are participating members!

OurBattleTech.com’s OurNews & OurSites

What members are usually most excited about is developing their own full blown fan site like the Kapteyn Universe. This is a tremendous undertaking executed by only the most well organized and developed fan ideas and something we would love every creative endeavor to aspire towards. Developing a new OurSite starts on the forum. So if you’re dedicated to obtaining a fan site of your own, this is the place to start.

But what if your passion is just writing about BattleTech? Well, we have you covered. OurNews was built just for you. With OurNews you can write about your hobby for the whole community to see. Want to rant about the Republic of the Sphere with a little more pomp and circumstance than a forum post? We can make it happen. Want to review the latest CGL BattleTech product free of major flaming? Consider it done. Want to write about something cool that is not exactly BattleTech but is somehow  related? You’ll have a platform for it.

Writers interested in writing, please send your requests to OurBattleTech.com

Questions & Concerns

OurBattleTech.com is excited to start this new endeavor, but we are sure many old and new players will have questions. Please feel free to contact us directly my messaging your questions to our contact form. We will answer all of your concerns as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your questions, your patience and enjoy!

About OurBattleTech.com

OurBattleTech.com began its physical existence as the brain-child of Joshua “Knightmare” Perian after he grew frustrated in his attempts to build a small BattleTech community around his fan site – the Star League Core. Discussing the lack of participation and other general problems concerning online development with his fellow BTechers Mathew “Blacknova” Alexander and Matt “MechRat” Stewart, led to a series of online discussions that quickly started to take shape around what would become the basic “tenets” of OurBattleTech.com – Community, Mutual Support and a Platform to Showcase.

Recognizing the need for fans to have a place dedicated solely to helping them develop their creative ideas, OurBattleTech.com was born. Already the site has fulfilled the objectives it was set to accomplish by helping to support and build a single individual’s creative BattleTech endeavor with the full development of Blacknova’s Kapteyn Universe. OurBattleTech.com hopes to build many, many more.

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