Arbitration Studio’s July 2012 BattleTech Podcast This month on Arbitration Mrs Arbiter and JP talk about the latest new addition to the Year of the Star League:  Field Manual SLDF. Then it is more Ironwind Metals Convention Exclusives, and a sneak peak at Mechwarrior Online. We also spend a little timeContinue Reading

Arbitration Studio’s June 2012 BattleTech Podcast This month Arbitration Studios talks Ben H. Rome’s Total Chaos, MechWarrior Online and MechWarrior Tactics. There is our take on the new Grinder Game Format and whispers of new products coming from Ironwind Metals. In our final segment we have a lively discussion aboutContinue Reading

While pirating the BattleTech forums some time ago, I ran across a post where a person asked, paraphrasing “in light of the success that was the Cephalus during the Wars of Reaving, why wouldn’t the home world Clans start using CLPS and Null Signature systems again?” What ensured was aContinue Reading