Arbitration April 2021- Trapped aboard the Evergreen. We got delayed this year on Arbitration, almost as though we were stuck in the Suez Canal.  Speaking of which we discuss Wave 2 Kickstarter Delays, a new fiction experience, the return of April Fools Products, and a deep dive into TRO Irregulars.  We thenContinue Reading

This month of Arbitration we dedicate a significant time to the release of Hour of the Wolf, and what its events will mean for the Battletech Universe.  Spoilers take place in the Middle Segment.  Any hypotheses are exclusively our own and not made with any insider information that would be subjectContinue Reading

After an unintended delay, we talk about Kickstarter Deliverables, and a rapid fire review of new ilClan Fiction.  This Episode is dedicated to the memory of Luela Irene Bertie (1927-2020). May her memory be a blessing. All this and more from Arbitration Studios, your last word in BattleTech. Be sure toContinue Reading

For our special June Podcast, we’re going gloss (read: jump) over the new changes made to CGL’s leadership, and our lack of Historical: Second Succession Wars, to instead offer our impressions of the new Harebrained Schemes BattleTech Beta. That’s right, get excited for some digital BattleTech goodness. Raise the Atlas,Continue Reading