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Tactics Discussion: Terrain Denial

Terrain denial is a simple tactic that can be implemented into any type of BattleTech game.  Terrain denial can be summarized as effective deployment, equipment use, and unit use to maximize the benefits of battlefield terrain while minimizing the benefits given to your opponent.  All things equal, this should give you a decisive advantage during

St. Ives – The Sleeping Behemoth

It seems there’s something terrible lurking in near orbit over St. Ives.  CCAF forces attempting to land on the planet have been repeatedly ambushed by a large Assault Dropship firing capital missiles, delaying the landing of crucial reinforcements.  Two days ago, a Capellan Navy task force intercepted the beast as it fell upon a flotilla

Warlock: Solomon’s Gambit After Action Report

The third mission on Warlock pitted the Hexare Grenadiers against the 2nd Janissaries in a battle over a remote, yet strategic supply depot held by the Home Guard.  The Hexare Grenadiers and 2nd Janissaries would square off, hoping to win an alliance with the Home Guard.  This begins the mission, a Solomon’s Gambit. 2nd Janissaries: 2

Warlock: Cauldron of Ice After Action Report

The second mission on Warlock tasked the Hexare Grenadiers with crossing a river at night, in hopes that the torrent waters would freeze over, allowing them to harass the defenders on the other side.  This begins the mission, a Cauldron of Ice. 2nd Janissaries: 2 Myrmidons, 2 Demolisher (Gauss Variants), 4 Bulldogs, 2 Mantis VTOLs, 2