This post comes as a more indepth discussion on infantry in conjunction with my prior post about the uses of conventional infantry ( and a recently revived thread discussing the Maxim Hover Tank, and it’s multiple variants. One of the main points in subsequent posts was the fact that disembarking infantry andContinue Reading

One of my favorite tactical tools in the game of BattleTech is the various types of mines. My discussion of mines was prompted by a “Talk to me about: Mines” thread on the CBT Forums a while back (link broken due to forum collapse). In order to discuss why IContinue Reading

This post is a primer for the campaign chronicles that I’m transferring over.  It’s designed to get you thinking about campaign play and inspired to start your own with your campaign with your local gaming group. This post was inspired by one of my fellow campaigners, Youngblood on the CBTContinue Reading