After a successful mission to destroy the underwater Davion command base, our battered forces begin the long trip home.  Unfortunately, a skirmishing Davion reinforced company came to harry us along the last leg of journey.  We just had to break through one last time in order to rendezvous with CapellanContinue Reading

This breakthrough scenario is occurring simultaneously in game time with the Breakthrough Pt 1 scenario.  The part one scenario was our main push, and thus, we met a lot of resistance.  The second breakthrough was not nearly as scary.  The Davion forces consisted of a lance of veteran Kestrel GrenadiersContinue Reading

Our primary objective is to hit an underwater base.  In order to get there, we have 2 separate breakthrough scenarios, that occurring on the same time in game.  All forces that make it though are able to make it to the underwater base and participate in that mission.  Those that doContinue Reading