The CCAF informs us that Brighton is our next target. Our obvious goal is to liberate the planet, but we are just to assist the Capellan forces already dedicated to the invasion. Our first assignment is a bait and switch against an AFFS cavalry company. The scenario was set upContinue Reading

After liberating the Overton, we were sent off to Gei-Hu to engage the forces there.  Since Gei-Fu was not of major strategic importance, the AFFS pulled units to defend other, more important planets.  As a result, our relatively untested unit was tasked with liberating Gei-Fu. 1st Mission: I did notContinue Reading

The Hexare Grenadier forces had completed their objectives and were loading up in an Overload dropship.  Some of the remaining AFFS forces staged an ambush in the midst of the loading process. Note: This is first of the more standard looking formats for the after action reports.  This was anContinue Reading

The Hexare Grenadiers head to Overton to provide relief to Fifteenth Dracon and Warrior House Ijori who grinding down the FedSun forces there, but need reinforcements.  The AFFS had taken up defensive parameter around a capitol city of Overton.  Our goal was to break through the screening forces and hitContinue Reading

Our first assignment was to liberate the planet of Glasgow as part of Wave 1’s Prong Two attack corridor. I’m going to provide a brief, catch-up style summary of these missions, because they’ve happened long before I got the idea to start recording our games. However, moving forward, I’ll delveContinue Reading