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Era Maps

Thanks to the hard efforts of Blacknova, is proud to offer high quality PDF Era Maps for the BattleTech game-universe. Each Map is a high quality reproduction, painstakingly detailed in an easy to view format. Additional Era Maps will be added as they become available.

Pre-Fourth Succession War Movement

Operation Rat Wave 1

Operation Rat Wave 2

Operation Rat Wave 3

Operation Rat Wave 4

Operation Rat Wave 5

Operation Rat Wave 6

Operation Rat Wave 7

Gotterdammerung Phase 1

Gotterdammerung Phase 2

Gotterdammerung Phase 3

Gotterdammerung Phase 4

Operation Dagger

DCMS 2nd Offensive

Inner Sphere Mid-3029

Post-Fourth Succession War

Andurien Wars 3030

Andurien Wars 3031

Andurien Wars 3032

Andurien Wars 3033

Andurien Wars 3034

Andurien Wars 3035

Andurien Wars 3036

Andurien Wars 3037

Andurien Wars 3038

Andurien Wars 3039

Andurien Wars 3040

McCarron’s War

Anton’s Revolt: August 3014

Anton’s Revolt: July 3014

Anton’s Revolt: September 3014

Anton’s Revolt: October 3014

Anton’s Revolt: November 3014

Anton’s Revolt: December 3014

Anton’s Revolt: January 3015

Anton’s Revolt: February 3015

Anton’s Revolt: March 3015

Anton’s Revolt: April 3015

Anton’s Revolt: May 3015

2596 Map

2571 Map

3025 Map

3030 Map

3039 Map

3040 Map

3050 Map

3051 Map

3052 Map

3057 Map

3063 Map

3067 Map

3075 Map

3085 Map

3130 Map

The Kapteyn Universe

CISA Year in Review 3023 Revised

The Other Option Book 1

The Other Option Book 2

CISA Year in Review 3024

Kapteyn Map March 3025

Field Manual Clans

Field Reports

“In 3024 the Federated Suns stood poised to dominate the Inner Sphere through its alliance with the Lyran Commonwealth. In 3026, the realm of the Davion’s was on its knees, battered on three fronts and reeling from losses of a scale not suffered in over a century. The AFFS, long the avatars of the Davion family, suffered heavy losses in the 4th Succession War and the whole nation is now entirely devoted to rebuilding the shield of the realm. Field Report: AFFS, details the current state of the AFFS, its regiments, industry, support and naval infrastructure. Also included in the Field Report are two full color maps detailing the deployment of both the AFFs and the FSN in 3032.”
Field Report AFFS

For those readers interested in learning more about the Kapteyn Universe check out their dedicated Fansite – the Kapteyn Universe and the Terran Times – the KU’s in-universe newspaper.


Renegade Tech 2.0

A Second Edition alternate damage system for BattleTech, based on the game Centurion – part of the Renegade Legion series of games by FASA.

Renegade Tech 2.0 – Ground Combat (beta)

Renegade Tech 2.0 – Inner Sphere Aerospace – converted designs (beta)

Renegade Tech 2.0 – Weapons Book, 3025 (Tech Level D) (beta)

Renegade Tech 2.0 – Aerospace – Primitive (beta)

Renegade Tech 2.0 – Aerospace Combat (beta)

Renegade Tech

A First Edition alternate damage system for BattleTech, based on the game Centurion – part of the Renegade Legion series of games by FASA.

Renegade Tech Rules

Renegade BattleMech RS

Renegade Master RS

Renegade Weapons Templates

Renegade Weapons

Renegade Supplemental

Renegade First Edition Zip

Technical Readout 3063

Technical Readout 3063 (Print Quality)

Technical Readout 3063 (Web Quality)

Technical Readout 3063 Record Sheets

Dark Falcon Fiction

Rayo Azul’s explosive Dark Falcon fiction introduces the Dark Falcons in this rich BattleTech-inspired creation. Follow the unit in Book 1 as Rayo Azul chronicles the arrival of the Invading Clans and the birth of the Dark Falcons on Winfield. A great read from an amazing science-fiction author!

Dark Falcons

Be sure to check out Rayo Azul’s other great work on in his Urionverse forum and his personal Blog site.

Riding the Dragon

Below is the AU map for Drakenis’s Riding the Dragon Alternate BattleTech Universe.  A phenomenal alternate universe, Riding the Dragon chronicles an Inner Sphere where Takashi Kurita’s heir is Cecilia Kurita – a female MechWarrior.

Riding the Dragon Map

Riding the Dragon Map 3023

Riding the Dragon Map 3025 is proud to offer Drakenis’s AU Map for immediate download. Check out Riding the Dragon on the OurBattleTech Forum.

Want to see your work showcased here? Feel free to stop by our Forum or Contact Send us a copy of your fan publication, a brief description, a cover image if possible and we will make sure to add you work to the download page and let everyone know about it!

WorkTroll’s Army Books

Worktroll (thanks to Blacknova for asking) has graciously allowed to host copies of his wonderful Army Book series for download.

Army Report Kurita

Army Report Davion

Army Report Liao

Army Report Steiner

Army Report Marik

The Shattered Dawn Universe

Our second selection of downloads are Fanbooks for the Shattered Dawn AU. Produced by Takiro and Irose, the Shattered Dawn Fanbooks follow the rise of the Terran Republic and House Sinclair after the fall of the Star League. Learn about the Republic and its fight for survival in an age of war.

The Shattered Dawn AU also has a number of excellent novels written by Blacktigeractual. The Through a Mirror Darkly series follows the 90th Assault Regiment as it struggles to survive after the Amaris Coup.

Fanbook 1 Terran Republic

Fanbook 2 Project Phoenix

Fanbook 3 Mercenary Guild

Fanbook 5 TRO 2800

Fanpack 1 RS 2800

Fanmap 2 Terran Republic 2785

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