Chatterweb BattleTech October 2023 Podcast

We’re coming in close to the deadline with October 2023’s episode, but we’ve made it (no thanks to Knightmare). There’s a lot to unpack in this episode, beginning with Paradox Interactive‘s release of Harebrained Schemes just five years after acquiring the studio. We’ll dive into this stunning news and whatContinue Reading

GenCon 2023 MTG Theft Pic

Arbitration returns to GenCon, our story doesn’t revolve around BattleTech, but Disney.  In this episode we’re giving you all of the facts we’ve been able to find that overwhelmed the convention. We’ll regale you with tales of larceny, injuries, poor planning, scalping, and a missing palette jack. Truly, this was aContinue Reading

BattleTech Essentials

For our June Podcast on the Chatterweb we’re examining BattleTech’s biggest foray into the general gaming market yet: the Target Exclusive: BattleTech Essentials Box. After that we’re chatting about author Craig Reed’s latest novel, Elements of Treason, and then close out the section with a look at a big boy comingContinue Reading