This is it, the end of 2020. We made it. Santa Urbie visits the Arbiter’s with a sack full of BattleTech goodies in tow. For our final episode of the year we’re talking BattleTech Rec Guides, the BattleTech Fiction Website, the Battle of Tukayyid releases, Legends, and more! Be sureContinue Reading

After an unintended delay, we talk about Kickstarter Deliverables, and a rapid fire review of new ilClan Fiction.  This Episode is dedicated to the memory of Luela Irene Bertie (1927-2020). May her memory be a blessing. All this and more from Arbitration Studios, your last word in BattleTech. Be sure toContinue Reading

For this month’s Arbitration drop we’re looking at the latest ilClan Recognition Guide, Volumes 1-3, as well as our pitch for two new novels. And don’t worry, we’ll tackle the new BattleTech puzzles as well! Then it’s a quick jump into the Thingverse Controversy, before moving into the Arbitration NewsContinue Reading

This month on Arbitration we review Technical Readout: Jihad, the Battletech and Shadow Run Coloring Books (both released for FREE by CGL!).  We also respond to comments made about the KidsLogic Miniatures and show off a few fan-produced YouTube Videos. Then, JPArbiter takes time out of his busy schedule toContinue Reading