TRO Marik 3145

Arbitration Studio’s June 2013 BattleTech Podcast “Faith in Humanity” This Month on Arbitration we welcome new co-host YingJansi as we talk about new Technical Readouts for 3145, and Battletech Fandom’s strong feelings about House Davion’s recent troubles. Then it is off to the Arbitration News Desk where we find outContinue Reading

TRO 3145 Federated Suns

Arbitration Studio’s May 2013 BattleTech Podcast This month on Arbitration we talk BattleTech Box Set re-printings, Alpha Strike and more 3145 TROs.  At the Arbitration News Desk it is graduation time, and Wizards can apparently make you invisible in Iran.  Have you check out our first BattleTech Animated Series CommentaryContinue Reading

First Somerset Strikers DLC 2

Arbitration Studios presents the following fan commentary for the “Classic” BattleTech animated series. This audio track is meant to be played simultaneously to the episode linked below. Please note that all comments are the opinions of Arbitration Studios and its staff, and is not affiliated in any way with theContinue Reading