Objectives Series BattleTech

Following on from the initial series review for the Jihad Field Reports, the current review will focus on the companion products for that line: the Objectives series. Although this series is not yet complete, this review will still be undertaken and then updated once the release in this series isContinue Reading

BattleTech Interstellar Expeditions

The latest BattleTech (BT) setting sourcebook to be released, Interstellar Players 3: Interstellar Expeditions (ISP3: IE) looks at the mysteries of mankind’s settlement and use of both near and deep space.  As this reviewer’s work revolves around archaeology, the combination of my work and hobby in one book was somethingContinue Reading

BattleTech Field Report Periphery Nations

Series Review: Jihad Field Reports For some time now I have been tinkering with the idea of reviewing the new products of the BattleTech line.  These new supplements, mostly PDF-only, delve into an array of unexplored facets of the BattleTech universe – areas or eras – that have otherwise beenContinue Reading

BattleTech Total Chaos

In our latest review of BattleTech products, we here at OurBattleTech look over what is probably the last of the long format Jihad era sourcebooks – Total Chaos.   Introduction Total Chaos, the next major work of Origins Award winning author Ben Rome, as the products overall director, is aContinue Reading