Writing Blake’s Holy Scripture is no easy task. In fact, it requires reaching back through the sands of time to an era of history long past – an age when monks sequestered themselves in high mountain strongholds where they maintained the accumulated knowledge of the lost Roman Empire. Yes, IContinue Reading

Collecting, Organizing and Creating Fan Content Ode the joys of fact checking. That little statement more or less sums up the sole skill sets necessary to write convincing fan fiction or actual canon products. Sure there’s creativity involved, but the basis of any good fanfic comes from well researched andContinue Reading

The Future of the Star League Core – Rebirth And Renewal Publication of the SLSB in electronic PDF was a strong bucket of water in the face and major wake up call in the development of the SLCore site. I had spent too long petering along with the development ofContinue Reading

Any good faction-specific BattleTech website will have a well developed identity. As I mentioned in my earlier post, identity, which is a combination of theme and flavor is the cornerstone of a successful fansite. For the Star League Core, the road to find and create a suitable identity has beenContinue Reading

Developing a Classic BattleTech Fan Site is a lot like finding your way home after being lost in the woods for a day. Sure, you enjoy the great outdoors, the fresh air, mother nature and so on, but ultimately, as the sun begins to set and the temperature begins toContinue Reading