The first of the Lyran reinforcements began arriving in May, with the Archon finally able to direct her forces in the manner she wished.  The Free Worlds League moved no new forces into the ongoing battles, however, few doubted that additional reserves were behind the front. The LCAF was furtherContinue Reading

The fighting on the Kurita-Davion front has had more manoeuvre than either of the Lyran fronts, with both sides ranging deep into the other’s territory, though it appears the DCMS had begun to gain the upper hand as a number of worlds were assaulted by DCMS forces this month. However,Continue Reading

The FedSuns – Capellan Front hit a new level of intensity in May, as the CCAF began major strikes in the Terran region, whilst the AFFS continued to raid and strike across the Tikonov Commonality.  The AFFS also began its own counter-invasion near St. Ives, whilst on this front theContinue Reading

The LCAF continued to increase the tempo of its operations against the DCMS in the Dieron Military District, as well as on the coreward edge of the Rasalhague District.  Although both actions seemed to be trying to draw the attention of the DCMS away from Tamar, the Dragon remained fixatedContinue Reading

The return of WarShips to the battlefields of the Succession Wars has prompted a re-evaluation of military priorities across the Inner Sphere, most particularly within the Federated Suns, which is currently the only nation facing hostile warships in battlespace.  However, the question of how long the Federated Suns Navy (FSN)Continue Reading