Managing Players And Their Contribution

Since players were introduced into the KU in January of 3024, the universe has taken on a new life, with many new side stories and events arising, that I could never have planned, or though up, on my own. Each player has brought their own perspective and take on the universe, with some more active than others. What has been one of the more important tasks for the GM’s has been the management of each player, according to both their own personality and the role of their state in the universe. Not always an easy task.Some players are quiet, coming out only to submit their orders for each month of game time, where others create an ongoing stream of material for incorporation into the game. Both are valuable, as they provide a mix of strength and abilities to the game and the story, which give the KU a far more life like feel that it would have had, had it continued to come only from my own mind.

Some of the changes suggested by players to the story line have been good twists, others needing modifications, but none, correct me please players if I am wrong, have been completely shot down. Every player is given the chance to shape the ongoing story, within the broader bounds of the eventual goal of my vision for the KU and the surprises that will entail.

One of the most important things is responding to players quickly, even if it is to say I’ll get back to you on that later. Often players have found holes in the rules that needed immediate patching and I have always tried to be open as to changes to the system and my reasoning behind those change. Alterations suggested by players have often been added to the rules and some holes have become rules in their own right. If a player is clever enough a find a whole and use it, without being unfair, I have let them go with it and then announced it to other players. In this way, the rules have become ever more solid, with players having to think far more deeply when looking for new advantages.

The success of the player input can be seen in the effectiveness of the rules and the many new chapters of the story that contain their work. The upcoming CISA Year in Review 3024, will have far more of this, as the first of the player designed units and their own newly raised formations will debut.

All in all, without the players, this whole endeavour would have failed. More so, as one player was promoted to co-GM to ease the burden of running this circus and allow me to experience sunlight again.


  1. I like your filtering process and “manifesto” for dealing with players needs, i.e. answer quickly. An attentive GM is a successful GM.

  2. An attentive GM is also a sane GM

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