Archon Awakens

New from Tharkad this morning has been greeted with joy across the Lyran Commonwealth.  Doctors attending the Archon announced that Katrina Steiner was successful brought out of her long coma and is now resting comfortably with her daughter by her side.

Although still unwell and weeks away from a full recovery, the Archon is said to be in good spirits and looking forward to coming to grips with the current situation.  Although the Regency Council has been able to stabilize the situation after the chaos of the Archon’s accident, the threats on both borders are still very serious.

However, with the dynamic and well respected leader of the Commonwealth back in charge, both Houses Marik and Kurita will no doubt take pause, considering carefully their next moves.  Despite the Archon’s successful recovery from the coma, the Regency Council will remain in place for the next several weeks, until the Archon is ready to resume full responsibilities for the day to day running of the Commonwealth.

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