Building a Story – Alternate Clan Part VIII

The Dragoon Compromise, though a short sub-plot of the Great Debate, was a place where a little late clan development could be conducted. The Ice Hellion’s internal Annihilation was one such event, changed to suit the current AU, as well as showing the ongoing decline in the Warden’s power, plus the return of prestige to the office of the ilKhan.

However, this chapter was little more than filler for the final installments, as the Great Debate would reach its climax and the Clans set out on thier course to take the Inner Sphere.

Dragoon Compromise

The Grand Council’s decision was too much for the Khan of Clan Ice Hellion, Jenna Norizuchi, who declared that her Clan would recon the Inner Sphere itself, bringing back proof of its weakness in the form of Terran soil.  She declared a Trial of Refusal over what would become known as the Dragoon Compromise, loosing badly.  However, dismissing the results of the Trail, she continued with her plans, killing her saKhan, Ernst Wick, who instituted a Trial of Grievance against her over her actions, allowing Khan Norizuchi to place a more malleable subordinate in Sanora Lienet in the position of saKhan.

When the Grand Council received word of the ongoing Hellion preparations, they called for a Trial of Supplication.  Khan Norizuchi dared the Council to come at her Clan, claiming that she had Kerensky’s own mandate.  Seeing the weight of the other Clans against them and knowing the dreadful outcome, the Galaxy Commanders of the Clan removed both Khans and prepared to face their Trial.  Despite a valiant effort, the Hellions were defeated in their Trial and stripped of 19% of their assets and placed under ilKhan Bowes’s administration.  This loss of power would cripple the Ice Hellions and prevent them from attaining their goal of invading the Inner Sphere when the go vote was finally given.

The Supplication Administration of the Ice Hellions was only just underway when Loremaster Fallstaff was killed in a DropShip accident over the world of Nirvana, ending the term of this most enigmatic of Clan Loremasters.  His replacement was Kevin Demos of Clan Goliath Scorpion, once a noted Seeker and now the Goliath Scorpions foremost expert on historical Star League items and their providence.

As the ilKhan was becoming ever more involved with the oversight for the departure of the Clan Wolf reconnaissance force, now officially called Wolf’s Dragoons, Loremaster Demos came to be the ilKhan’s representative amongst the Ice Hellions.  For many years the Hellions and Scorpions had been rivals, but many credit Loremaster Demos as healing many of the wounds shared by these two Clans.  When their time of Supplication ended, the Hellions possessed a new respect for the Scorpions and the relationship between the two Clans has remained solid, if not close, ever since Demo’s time as Loremaster.

By 3004, Wolf’s Dragoons were ready to depart, with a galaxy of troops, supported by a strong naval star and all the associated materials that the Clans believed they would need, much of which was seen to be unnecessary once the Dragoons arrived in the Inner Sphere.  Their departure saw a cooling in the factional politics of the Grand Council, as all waited for news from the mission before moving their agendas forward again.

By 3010, the Dragoon’s reports were already painting a picture of the Inner Sphere which gave pause to most Clansmen.  The expected devastation was not as great as many thought it might be, with many of the great powers beginning a slow recovery.  What was worse, was that Wolf’s Dragoons reported that the Inner Sphere still maintained great strength in its militaries, something dismissed by the Crusaders, but worrisome to the Wardens.

That same year, as the Ice Hellion Supplication came to its end, ilKhan Bowes stepped down due to infirmity, widely respected by many of her supporters and opponents.  Her ability to maintain the cohesion of the Grand Council, though helped by events, along with her political acumen and willingness to listen, restored much of the prestige to the office of the ilKhan that had been lost over the preceding sixty years.

In a surprise move, the ilKhan recommended Deangelo Aamodt of Clan Wolverine as her successor, as the Wolverine Khan was the senior member of the Council, recognised for his valour, wisdom and intelligence.  Although an unprecedented move on the part of the ilKhan, her choice would prove fortuitous, as Aamodt would continue her work and further strengthen the office of the ilKhan.

From 3010 until 3019, the Grand Council began to turn more and more to the question of invading the Inner Sphere, as the reports from Wolf’s Dragoons slowed and the Crusaders became impatient.   The ilKhan was able to halt the Crusader’s plans thought the support of the Wardens and his own ability to pit his enemies against each other, however, he knew well that he was only delaying the inevitable.

Knowing the ilKhan’s mind, Khan Kerlin Ward of the Wolf Clan approached the ilKhan with a possible future break against Crusader ambition.  Although the two Clans had never seen eye to eye since the original Supplication of the Wolverines, despite their staunch Warden sediments, the ilKhan respected Ward for his abilities and political acumen.

Khan Ward’s plan, to give the Dragoons independent orders to assist the Inner Sphere should the Crusaders invade, was exactly the kind of action the ilKhan had been looking for.  Understanding the great danger Ward had placed himself in, by confiding in the ilKhan, Aamodt provided the Dragoons with orders from the ilKhan, fully supporting Kahn Ward’s actions.

In 3021, as ilKhan Aamodt continued to battle quietly in his efforts to delay the inevitable invasion, he lost one of his main supporters, when Loremaster Demos died from the effects of a crippling stroke.  What was worse for the ilKhan was the election of the brash and outspoken Crusader advocate Tracy Issac of Clan Widowmaker as the new Loremaster, demonstrating the continued weakening of the Warden cause.  However, the ilKhan would battle on valiantly for another eight years, earning the same measure of respect that was paid to his successor, ilKhan Bowes, for his dignity and skill in discharging his office.

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