Combine – FedSuns Front: May 3025


The fighting on the Kurita-Davion front has had more manoeuvre than either of the Lyran fronts, with both sides ranging deep into the other’s territory, though it appears the DCMS has begun to gain the upper hand as a number of worlds were assaulted by DCMS forces this month. However, the fighting on Marduk has reached a new crescendo as the Davions have committed more forces, placing the likelihood of its fall in doubt.

Draconis Combine - Federated Suns Front

WORLD:                      MARDUK

ATTACKER: 1st and 3rd Light Amphigean Assault Groups, 11th and 17th Benjamin Regulars, 5th Sword of Light, Legion of the Rising Sun, Quint’s Quartet, The Ronin, 55th Benjamin Armoured Brigade, 15th, 16th, 23rd and 25th Assault Squadrons, 240th Draconis Aerospace Wing, 5th DEST

DEFENDER: Kestrel Grenadiers RCT (Able Brigade and Mech Regiment only), 41st Avalon Hussars RCT, 1st, 3rd and 4th Davion Guards RCTs, 2nd Robinson Rangers, 4th Crucis Lancers RCT, The Black Tigers, 36th and 42nd Federation Armoured Brigades, Marlette, Nunivak, Tsamma and New Avalon CMM Mech Regiments, The Dragonslayers, McBride’s Maulers, 11th, 14th and 15th Fox Teams, 117th, 125th, 127th and 132nd Independent Aero Wings, SOAR, 25th and 26th Assault Dropship Wings, Norse BattleWorks Security, Marduk Militia

RESULTS: The fighting on Marduk had been sputtering to a stalemate long before the arrival of the AFFS taskforce, but it’s unopposed arrival led to yet another DCMS commander, this time General Palmer Conti, being invited onward, he however, evaded arrest and was last seen with a small force of confederates making for parts unknown aboard a rented JumpShip he had kept on retainer for “just such emergencies”. In the aftermath of the entire sorry matter, Tai-I Daniel Sorenson was promoted to command of the 5th Sword of Light and the overall campaign.


WORLD:                      CAPRA

ATTACKER: Dismal Disinherited (both Regiments)

DEFENDER: 5th Galedon Regulars, 8th Sword of Light, 17th DEST, 71st Galedon Armoured Brigade, 290th Draconis Aerospace Wing, Capra Militia

RESULTS: For reasons unknown, the Dismal Disinherited struck at Capra and two near full strength DCMS units, including a Sword of Light Regiment, things didn’t turn out very well and the mercenaries, badly under strength to begin with, were mauled further by the DCMS forces on-world.


WORLD:                      NEW ABERDEEN

ATTACKER: Ryuken-roku, 56th Galedon Armoured Brigade.

DEFENDER: 1st Ceti Hussars RCT, 4th Deneb Light Cavalry RCT, Warbirds, New Aberdeen Militia.

RESULTS: The reversal of fortunes for the DCMS forces on world was striking. A month ago, it was an overmatched militia holding on against a DCMS armoured brigade, further reinforced early on in April by the Ryuken-roku. But fortune soon turned in the favour of the AFFS as two RCTs and a mercenary air wing showed up and proceeded to smash the DCMS troops underfoot in a series of brutal night-time engagements. By the end of the month, the Kuritans were holed up in the same heights they had been hunting the militia in just a month before; hoping help was coming for them before the Davions did.


WORLD:                      ELDIRE IV

ATTACKER: McGee’s Cutthroats, 60th and 85th Galedon Armoured Brigades, 18th and 19th DEST, 160th Draconis Aerospace Wing

DEFENDER: Greenberg’s Godzillas, 17th Avalon Hussars RCT, Eldire IV Militia

RESULTS: Like the situation on New Aberdeen, the reversal of fortunes were striking, but at least this time, McGee’s Cutthroats and the rest of the DCMS reinforcements were able to stabilize the situation upon the Davion arrival, leaving both sides on world evenly matched for the fighting to come.


WORLD:                      GALTOR III

ATTACKER: 2nd Benjamin Regulars, 48th Benjamin Armoured Brigade, 296th Draconis Aerospace Wing, 22nd DEST

DEFENDER: 38th Federated Armoured Brigade, 119th Independent Aerospace Wing, Galtor III militia.

RESULTS: On paper, the matchup on Galtor III would seem to be a mismatch in favour of the Kuritans. But, terrain, weather and a populace that was fanatical in it’s hatred in all things Combine combined to make things on world nothing short of a buzz saw for the 2nd and it’s attached units. Most of the ground units averaged about 13% losses in the space of a month in a steady trickle of ambushes and small unit engagements where the Davions would hit and run from the Kuritan forces, often with the connivance of the local populace.

In the air, things were much the same, with few kills but many losses reported as the Davions husbanded their aircraft and elevated Flak and SAM traps to a high art form. It didn’t help that a Galtor militia unit took the hobby of launching mortar strikes at random Kuritan airfields just after dusk, which managed to cost the Kuritans 3 aerospace fighters and a dozen personnel in the space of a month.


WORLD:                      CROSSING

ATTACKER: Ryuken-San

DEFENDER: Crossing Militia

RESULTS: The Crossing Militia made an ill-advised attempt to fight house to house for the planetary capital. The Ryuken-san showed little mercy towards the militia or any civilians in the way for that matter and broke the militia in the space of a week. The survivors surrendered after spending the rest of the month on the run in scattered bands.


WORLD:                      BERGMANN’S PLANET

ATTACKER: 2nd and 3rd Prospernia Hussars, 12th and 16th Galedon Regulars, 50th Galedon Armoured Brigade, 4th DEST, 91st Draconis Armoured Wing

DEFENDER: 1st Ceti Hussars RCT, 4th Deneb Light Cavalry RCT

RESULTS: Both RCTs fled the planet on the 5th, and after a short aerospace battle, jumped for New Aberdeen. The remaining planetary government surrendered 8 hours later.

WORLD:                      WAPAKONETA

ATTACKER: Ryuken-yon

DEFENDER: Wapakoneta Militia

RESULTS: The militia was smashed within hours after the Ryuken performed an avalanche drop on their armoury. After that, resistance was academic, and the planet surrendered soon after.

WORLD:                      BUDINGEN

ATTACKER: Lindon’s Battalion

DEFENDER: Budingen Militia

RESULTS: The militia managed to kill two ‘Mechs before being shouldered out of the way. But there was nothing for the Battalion to take, the local industry having sent off its production to Kaznejov weeks ago.


WORLD:                      LAYOVER

ATTACKER: Burrow’s Crashing Thunder Regiment

DEFENDER: Quickscell Brigade, Salvatore Defence Wing, Layover Militia

RESULTS: Burrow’s Crashing Thunder expected a walkover this deep in the Federated Suns, what they got was anything but. The Thunder made their way to the Quickscell plant, brushing aside light resistance and grabbing $2 and 8 Heavy Tanks from the lot, before major reinforcements showed up at the plant gates, cutting the Thunder off from their dropships. The Thunder lost two companies of ‘Mechs in a winding, bloody city fight back to their dropships as well as 4 fighters trying to clear the airspace so their dropships could take off. To the men and women of the Crashing Thunder Regiment, May and a new contract with Marik couldn’t come soon enough.

WORLD:                      TANCREDI IV

ATTACKER: 4th An-Ting Legion

DEFENDER: 136th Independent Aero Wing, Tancredi IV Militia

RESULTS: After the raid on Tancredi IV, the 4th was getting a reputation as a hard luck unit. Not only did their intelligence officer misidentify the planetary storehouses, they walked into an AFFS ambush that cost them a over a company’s worth of ‘Mechs and vehicles.


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