Free Worlds – Lyran Front May 3025

Free Worlds League - Lyran Commonwealth Front

The first of the Lyran reinforcements began arriving in May, with the Archon finally able to direct her forces in the manner she wished.  The Free Worlds League moved no new forces into the ongoing battles, however, few doubted that additional reserves were behind the front.

The LCAF was further distracted in May, as the worlds of Baltazar III and Deidre’s Den in the Circinus Federation rebelled and declared their desire to join the Commonwealth.  Although information later  pointed at the planetary nobility acting on their own desires and not those of the people, both the LCAF and Circinian militaries were quick to move: too quick in actual fact.  The sudden mobilisation of the local militia, the Circinian line forces on both worlds and the arrival of LCAF troops turned both worlds into battlefields.



Operation THRESHER seemed to be stalling, as the FWLM was forced to secure Dixie before moving on again.  The LCAF was able to stabilise both Ford and Poulsbo, but with the forces on Dixie free to move again, the respite was likely temporary.


WORLD:                               POBULSO

DEFENDER:                         Narhal’s Raiders (both regiments), 6th Donegal Guards, 2nd Regiment, Knights of St. Cameron, 36th  Lyran Guards RCT (less ?Mech Regiment). 200th and 209th Aerospace Wings, 16th Panzer Division, Poulsbo Militia

Arrives May:                      7th Donegal Guards, Knights of St. Cameron – 1st Regiment.

ATTACKER:                        6th Free Worlds Guards, 1st Fusiliers of Oriente, 2nd Regiment, Lacedaemon Lancers, 5th Oriente Hussars, Warwalkers, 31st Free Worlds Armoured Brigade, Bronson’s Horde, 38th Free Worlds Armoured Brigades, Caesar’s Cohorts and Clifton’s Rangers, 4th and 5th Dark Shadows.

RESULTS:                             The 7th Donegal and Knight’s of St. Cameron’s arrival was fortuitous for the LCAF defenders of Poulsbo, who were able to take the balance of power on the world from one in favour of the FWLM, to a more even footing.

By the middle of the month, the fresh LCAF units were making their presence felt, forcing the Warwalkers to pull out of the line, despite the withdrawal of the 2nd Militia Division.  The slow advance of the LCAF, led by the 7th Donegal, caused battle fatigue began to play it part on both sides of the conflict.  Several units were withdrawn from the line on both sides, with the 2nd Militia Division crumbling and retreating.  However, the LCAF had managed to retake parts of the world and had stabilised the situation.


WORLD:                               FORD

DEFENDER:                         14th Lyran Guards RCT, 15th Panzer Division, 5th Lohengrin, 127th Independent Aerospace Wing, 7th Lyran Regulars Aerospace Wing, Ford Militia

Arrives May:                        Freelancers (3 Regiments), 15th, 91st and 208th Independent Air Wings.

ATTACKER:                          21st Centauri Lancers, 12th Atrean Dragoons, 23rd Marik Militia, Fuchida’s Fusiliers, 5th Fusiliers of Oriente, Gotterdammerung Society, Head Hunters, League of Tigers, 9th Regulan Hussars, The Foreign Legion, The Renegades Co-Op, The Wild Geese, Martian Cuirassiers, 1st Oriente Hussars, Cameron’s Legion, Eagle Corps, 2nd and 3rd Dark Shadows, 44th Heavy Assault Wing,  4th and 5th Free Worlds Guards, 20th Marik Militia, 20th Free Worlds Armoured Brigade, 1st Lacedaemon Lancers, 6th and 11th Heavy Assault Regiments

RESULTS:                             The LCAF dispatched the highly experienced Freelancers, along with three escort wings to Ford, desperately hoping to turn the tide on this important world. If Ford fell, six important systems would be open to assault.

                                                Waiting for any new arrivals was a Marik Assault DropShip Fleet of nearly two dozen vessels, which were an even match for the incoming transports and their fighter escort. Despite the waiting flotilla, the LCAF Task Force crashed right through, loosing only a single Leopard and taking out several assault ships with its escort wings.  Much like on Poulsbo, the arrival of these new forces looked to stabilise the situation.

Despite the arrival of the new formations, the LCAF was hard pressed to maintain the status quo as several units began to loose cohesion. Although the FWLM suffered from a lesser level of exhaustion, the battle would go to the side best able to hang on.  The fighting for the rest of May continued on that vein, with both sides rotating troops where they could, but with several formations breaking on both sides.  Overall, the situation on world had swayed to the LCAF, but only just.


WORLD:                               DIXIE

ATTACKER:                          Dinsdale’s Desperados, 1st Dark Shadows, Snowcats, 2nd Atrean Hussars, 1st Bolan Lancers, Bordon’s Blood Drinkers, 2nd Free Worlds Guards, 3rd Fusiliers of Oriente, Langendorf Lancers, 2nd Regulan Hussars, Black Earth Carabineers, 72nd Free Worlds Aerowing-7th Regiment

DEFENDER:                         Dixie Revolutionary Guards

RESULTS:                             What little force the resistance had was crushed in May, the world repacified and the FWLM was ready to reuse those forces on Dixie elsewhere.



The continued troubles of Circinus threatened to create a situation where either the CLAF or the FWLM could effectively flank the other, leading the LCAF to act with unseeming haste on both Baltazar III and Deidre’s Den.


WORLD:                               BALTAZAR III

DEFENDER:                         1st Circinian Home Guards – 2nd Regiment, Baltazar Militia Loyalists

ATTACKER:                          305th Panzer Brigade, Baltazar Militia Rebels

RESULTS:                             Duke Almar Torquay saw the inbound Lyran forces as the tool he needed to get his little revolution rolling along properly.  Although the LCAF was under orders to act as peacekeepers, the Duke’s machinations saw all out war spread across the world, as the Circinian loyalist forces sought to ensure that the critically important world was not lost.

Chaotic fighting broke out in many of the world’s major centres, with the LCAF caught right in the middle of it all.  By the end of the month, a quarter of the loyalists were dead, many in purges had been undertaken by the Duke’s own troops and many Rebel and LCAF soldiers were killed in reprisal strikes by the incensed Circinian loyalists.


WORLD:                               DIEDRE’S DEN

DEFENDER:                         1st Circinian Home Guards – 3rd Regiment, Deidre’s Den Militia Loyalists

ATTACKER:                          94th Independent Aerospace Wing, Deidre’s Den Militia Rebels

RESULTS:                             Duchess Leslie Hin was not as vicious or as Machiavellian as her counterpart on Baltazar III, however, she too knew that she needed to get the LCAF involved as quickly as possible.  Calling for assistance against “…unprovoked attacks by Circinian forces…” the Duchess began her campaign.

                                                With a full Lyran air wing undertaking precision strikes against the Circinian forces, who were painted in the local press as the aggressors, the loyalists were crippled, leaving the rebels with an open door to rush in and massacre the isolated line troops.  Although the 94th Wing had only tried to limit the 1st Home Guards movement and access to supplies, they were too good at their job, leaving the unit helpless against the Rebels.  By the months end, Deidre’s Den was clear of Circinian troops and Duchess Hin was calling for the immediate integration of the world into the Lyran Commonwealth.

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