Gei-Fu After Action Summary Report

After liberating the Overton, we were sent off to Gei-Hu to engage the forces there.  Since Gei-Fu was not of major strategic importance, the AFFS pulled units to defend other, more important planets.  As a result, our relatively untested unit was tasked with liberating Gei-Fu.

1st Mission: I did not play in this mission, but I have an account from one of my groupmates.  The mission was to act as a diversionary feint to draw AFFS forces away from the real object that the Capellan soldiers were attacking.  It started with a lance of lights, but quickly escalated to a company of mediums and later 2 lances of heavies.  The scenario played out with both sides taking severe losses, with 4 of our Regulators getting wiped out, as well as few ‘Mech.  Although, all of our units took some damage.

2nd Mission:  I played the OpFor for this mission.  Since we had done well in the last mission, we had trailed the heavy lances that reinforced the prior mission and forced them to take up defensive positions in the foothills of a mountainous region.  I set up in two cluster, one in a forested area and another on top of a very tall hill (level 7+).  As they charged the open ground, I took down an Awesome, Yu Huang, and Devastator that charged down the middle, but was outflanked (because I was outnumbered by 8 units).  I was playing another Merc unit who parleyed with our forces once the battle seemed lost to avoid ruining the unit completely.  However, I believe this was done somewhat in story purposes, as I believe we’ll be seeing this unit again in the future.

This wraps up what I call the “catch up” phase of the after action reports.  Starting with the 3rd mission on Gei-Fu, the after action reports will be significantly more detailed.  Feel free to comment and check out the first detailed report.

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