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I have been lax with my blogging here, so I thought I’d post a small Blog before the new members we are chasing out blog the lot of us.

Having spent the last 2 weeks on my back, one of the nice things that helped was being able to communicate with all my faceless mates on OBT.com.  Most of them seem to have been down with some ailment or another recently and it helps to have such a nice community around when your feeling somewhat sorry for yourself.

One of the other benefits of OBT.com is the way this small community is starting to build.  Many new members have joined recently and each helps to spur the other members along to greater heights of skill and output.  When I started playing with an old program last week, an email from Mechrat got me inspired to update it and start experimenting.

Over the last week, I have been creating planetary maps and then with a crash course in 3D and my piss poor skills as an artist, I created my first ever decent looking picture.  The world of Nirvana, hanging in space just seemed to work, and is still the best of my little attempts so far.

That’s the nice thing about this place, it inspires you to not only be creative, but to try things you might not have had a shot at in the past, whilst at the same time benefiting the whole group as you go.  If things continue like this, we will have one hell of a site before much longer, with all sorts of extras and useful skills filling the site with their myriad wonders.

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  1. Glad to know it and you are doing an amazing job.

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