Introducing the Hexare Grenadiers’ Campaign

The Hexare Grenadiers Arrayed for Battle

Formation of the Hexare Grenadiers


Many mercenary units were hired on during Operation: Sovereign Justice by the Capellan Confederation to defend against the onslaught of Duke Hasek’s AFFS forces.  After fighting an intense defensive campaign, in late September of 3068, the AFFS offensive had lost steam and Sang-jiang-jun Talon Zahn, took command to authorize the Capellan counterattack.

Mercenary units with expiring contracts and those looking for work converged on Hexare.  A group of mercenary commanders who all had crossed paths in some way, shape, or form decided to band together to obtain better contract terms offered to larger mercenary units.  The coalition consisted of seven up and coming mercenary units, the Warlock Fusiliers, the Lords of the Night, Shengli Armed Asset Protection, Piotrowski’s Predators, Bethlan’s Irregulars, Taku-No and Sendo Tenshi.

The Capellan’s in dire need of mercenaries to supplement their own house troops, signed this unorthodoxly arranged mercenary unit.  Unsure of how to use this new concept in mercenary organization, the Capellan liaison office decided to use them during Wave One, in the initial counter-offensive, in conjunction with Prong Two.

Follow along the Tales of the Hexare Grenadiers


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