Piotrowski’s Predators TOE Post-Texlos

I wanted to do a post of my organizational chart for my mercenary unit, just to give a feel for each of the lances that I’ve constructed, my thoughts over them, and some potential thoughts on expansion through our completion of the liberation of Texlos.  This was a milestone conquest, as we were able to spend some time repairing and refitting for our next two assignments, Warlock and St. Ives.

Piotrowski’s Predators TOE

C3 Command Lance – Pouncer Lance

Falconer 8D-C3 [3/4 pilot]

Falconer 8D-C3 [4/4 pilot]

Shadow Hawk C3M [3/4 pilot]

Wraith TR1-C3 [4/4 pilot]

This is my original unit and my “all-comers” lance.  With speed, range, and heavy hitting weapons that should have increased accuracy due to the C3 network, it can handle any type of work.  The Wraith is an excellent spotter, keeping a high mod via runs or jumps when in the thick of things, it can also deliver back shots like a dream.  Since we are working for the Capellans, there is never a shortage of ECM to be run as ECCM to counter any would be blockers of my network.  I will most likely be adding a Fulcrum III and Bandit Hovertank with a pod mounted C3 Master system to connect my Command lance with the Bethlens’ Irregulars C3 Command lance.

First Company – Stalking Death

Recon Lance – Stalker Lance

Puma (Refit) [5/5 pilot]

Hellspawn L7 (Stealth Custom) [5/5 pilot]

2 Bandit Hovertanks [4/5 crews]

2 Regulators (Arrow IV) [5/6 crews]

2 IS Standard Custom BA Squads (usually ride on the Bandits) [4/6 troopers]

My Stalker Lance is probably one of my favorite lances because I’m always of the tactical mindframe that speed kills.  This lance works well with others who might be fielding LRMs, since TAGs + SemiG’s is very nice.  The Regulators can dictate distance, and provide surgical heavy hitting prior to the start of combat.  Additionally, 1 ton of ADA ammo makes them a beast against any air support threats.  The new Puma is a medium laser boat with a TarComp, giving me improved accuracy for the jump, shoot, jump routine this guy will probably be doing.  I think this lance is my favorite to play because it requires very elegant play to maximize it.  It’s capable of isolating and taking out high priority targets that would otherwise hard to take down due to the speed and power this lance can bring to bear.

Heavy Lance – Mauler Lance

Thunderbolt 5Sb [4/5 pilot]

Grasshopper 6Kr [5/5 pilot]

Catapult CPLT-C6 [4/5 pilot]

Flashman 8K [4/5 pilot]

2 Fa Shih Squads [4/6 troopers]

I kind of stumbled into this lance.  I call it my Mauler lance since it reminds of a bear.  Big, powerful, and slow.  The Grasshopper was a piece of salvage I picked out quite a few sessions back.  The Thunderbolt and Flashman were both acquired when hiring some experienced pilots (pay 50 points, roll a d100, get a 4/5 pilot and a ‘Mech).  I lucked out with some decent ‘Mechs and figured I could throw this hodgepodge together and see what happens.  The Catapult’s dual plasmas make it an effective conventional forces hunter as well.  Overall, the lance seems to be fairly effective in urban environments and is generally well balanced for any situation, but excels at nothing in particular.

Pursuit Lance – Hunter Lance
Firestarter FS9-O [4/5 pilot]
Firestarter FS9-O [5/6 pilot]
Spector SPR-5Fr [5/6 pilot]
Spector SPR-SSP [5/6 pilot]

This is a lance I designed while trying to help broaden my tactical flexibility.  These lighter assets are focused on counter light ‘Mech and conventional forces, with the added bonus of some decent speed to allow them to deliver TAG or surgical strike firepower where it is needed.  The Spectors have been customized for improved potency.  This lance is the premise behind my article over light ‘Mech tactics: https://ourbattletech.com/2011/03/tactics-discussion-light-mech-usage/

Combined Arms Support Company

Light Vehicle Lance – Scourge Lance
Minion Light Hovertank (TAG) [4/5]
Minion Light Hovertank (TAG) [5/6]
Minion Light Hovertank (TAG) [5/6]
Minion Light Hovertank (TAG) [5/6]

Minion Light Tanks are extremely cost effective units when it comes to delivering TAG or C3 spotting.  For me, I wanted a cheap, fast, throwaway unit that could contend with opposing light forces and call down Arrow IV homing or Copperhead munitions.  The Minion can do both well.  With quality speed and pulse lasers, the Minion can outflank most light ‘Mechs and use its pulse weapons to counter their movement mods.  Additionally, because they do not have turrets, they are thickly armored for their size.  My hope is that on St. Ives, I can use these to maneuver the streets with ease and guide the artillery support to where we need it.

Artillery Support – Snipers
Schiltron Heavy Omnivehicle [5/6]
Schiltron Heavy Omnivehicle [5/6]

My dedicated artillery support unit was also recently purchased after Texlos. Instead of the standard Schiltron’s Arrow IV launchers, Captain Piotrowski gutted the C3 Masters out to make room for two massive Sniper Artillery pieces and ammo.  These Schiltrons can provide a sustained, heavy barrage with it’s four Sniper tubes.  Since the Predators contain three separate lances that have TAGs, the Schiltrons are potent combination with any unit sent to combat.

Aerospace Support Squadron – Soaring Hunters

1st Aero Triple – Render Triple

Defiance [5/5 pilot]

Defiance [5/5 pilot]

Defiance [5/5 pilot]

My aerospace contingent is well funded, despite the lack of quality pilots.  Finally getting their piloting down to 5 is really going to help secure favorable dogfighting rolls to keep them off my backs and put me on theirs.  The “standard” configurations I’ve given them are useful in nearly all situations.  However, I still have the power to customize based on the mission.  Under wing ordinance varies, but Light Air to Air missiles or Homing Arrow IV are my preference.  Definitely need to try out some Laser Guided Bombs the next time this unit gets used on the ground.

2nd Aero Triple – Slasher Triple

Cheetah F-13r [5/6 pilot]

Cheetah F-13r [5/6 pilot]

Cheetah F-13r [5/6 pilot]

This is a new addition to the Predators, with new ships and crews bought and hired on after Texlos.  Again, this is another one of my slightly customized units, the Cheetah F-13r is an easy adjustment with the removal of the ER small laser for more of the Heavy Ferro Aluminum armor.  With a thrust curve of 12/18, they’re able to out turn nearly any ASF deployed by the AFFS and can bring 4 ERMLs to the showdown to boot.  Cheap and effective, once they get engaged with the enemy they’re hard to shoot down and not half bad on a strafe.

Support Units & Unused Equipment

Griffin 6S-C3 (ERML swapped for C3 Slave) [5/6 pilot]

Commando 7S [no pilot]

Watchman 4M [no pilot]

2 Platoons of Mechanised Infantry w/ LRMs

Cavalier Suits

12 Inner Sphere Standard Suits (Customized)

These units make the up the rest of my forces.  I do have enough ‘Mechs to form another lighter, mixed lance.  Alternatively, I could attempt to modify those ‘Mech into some sort of niche role.  The infantry units are there to augment any lance depending on the scenario.  Primarily, they are there for fluff purposes.  The Griffin is a reserve useful for the C3 lance or to fill in as mobile fire support elsewhere.

Expansion Plans:

With impending knowledge that we will need to push our way through the aerospace defenses on St. Ives, I am really in dire need of some more durable dropships to get my units through that defense.  As I’ve stated, Mules are just too thin on armor and the risk of losing any of my units in space, especially my C3 lance is just too scary.  Investing in some additional protection, even if its for 1 mission in every 5 or even 10 is completely worth it in my eyes.

My still not extremely happy with my Mauler Lance (Heavy Lance).  The units are all individually good, but they don’t really synergize well or play off of one another all that well.  I’m going to keep it together for now, but depending on salvage, I might mix it up a bit.  But only time, and good salvage will tell what will come of it.


  1. Interesting mix. I just prefer to get ‘Mechs with the same speed in a lance but this is a personal preference more than anything else.

  2. Author

    Yeah, I prefer same speed units as well, except when attaching some combat vehicles to a lance. Unfortunately, when dealing with salvage, you don’t always get your choice.

  3. I seem to be an odd man out in that I actually like to mix speeds in tactical play within a Lance.

    For a ‘Line’ Lance, a 3/5 sniper/missile boat anchor, a couple of 4/6 brawler/lineholder types and a 5/8 or better skirmisher/cover to dissuade back stabbers, get inside an enemies formation or screen with.

    The lighter the Lance, the faster each speed bracket – e.g. a Light Strike/harasser/recce/backstabber Lance might be a 6/9 anchor with 8/12 or 7/11/7 strikers/screen units 🙂

    I’d think mixed speed Lances would work better with your campaign set up, anyway – you don’t get an ability to use a company of your own devising, & it make sure everyone gets to do something varied each game (assuming they want to, and aren’t happy about playing a game solely as fire support or whatever!).

    In a Battleforce setting though I’d definitely go all one speed, and tend to do so in Lances within a structure where I’m likely to deploy as a whole Company 🙂

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