Texlos: Siege of the Underground Base After Action Report

Piotrowski’s Predators: Wraith-C3, 2 Falconer-C3, Shadowhawk C3M

Tako Nu: Hatchman 6D, Shadowhawk 5D, Hunchback 6N, Penetrator 4D

Warlock Fusiliers: Pillager 3Z, Devastator DVS-2, Cataphract 3LL, Emperor 6A
Bethlans’ Irregulars: Grasshopper 6K, Hunchback 5S, Custom Victor, Custom Atlas
OpFor: Thunderbolt 9S, JagerMech JM7-F, Penetrator 4D, Warhammer 8D, Stalker 5S, King Crab 009, Osiris 3D, Razorback 9S, Watchman 4M, Centurion CN9-Ar, Shadowhawk 5D, Griffin 1DS, 4 Rommels, 4 Strikers, 8 Sherpa Trucks and 2 Cargo Ships

Objective & Scenario Details:

Stop the Davions from fleeing the underground base from the hidden river by either destroying them or the boats.  Davions were to get the Sherpas on the boats and as many ‘Mechs as possible in the boats or the water to flee.  We had the support vehicles, move 1st out of initiative order and then resumed the normal initiative process to speed things up.  Additionally, the cavern is only 3 levels high, meaning no indirect fire or jumping for any ‘Mech.

The Setup:

We had 4 map sheets set up.  The northern two map sheets were the Davion base.  The left map sheet was city map with docks and about 1/3 water hexes.  This is were the cargo ships were set up.  On that side of the map, the lighter Davion contingent set up anchored by 2 of the Rommels.  On the northeast map sheet, was a city map, surrounded by some level 1 walls.  Behind the walls were the 6 heavy ‘Mechs as an gun line, supported by 2 of the Rommels to deal with close threats as well as the 4 Strikers to slow down any advances.  For the Hexare Grenadiers, the Predators took the extreme left flank, with Tako Nu left middle, Fusiliers down the middle and Bethlan’s out on the right flank.

Turn 1:

We start off with one of the Sherpa’s skidding into a Rommel stripping the armor off the front.  We start off equally as strong with the Cataphract failing its MASC roll.  We advance on the right flank and middle.  I park my C3 Master Shadowhawk in some sub-level 1 for protection, walk my Falconers up, and evasive run my Wraith up to get into spotting range.  The Davion heavies and assaults stand pat using the wall for defense.  The Davion lights and medium run forward to meet the Predators and Tako Nu forces on the left flank.

I drop some key T-Aug right on the crux of the path of the Davion lights and medium to me and to their ship.  The Fusiliers pepper the AFFS Warhammer, opening it up, critting up the side torso.  I pepper the Davion Shadow Hawk, knocking it down with some Gauss and PPC fire.  Tako Nu’s Shadow Hawk squares off against the Osiris, blowing some big holes in it with it’s RAC 5.

Turn 2:

The Sherpas continue to move towards the ships, no longer flanking to avoid crashing into buildings and the like.  My Wraith, in poor position, loses initiative and gets cornered by the Osiris, Razorback, and Watchman.  I plant my fire support and everyone else advances.  The Davions are content to sit at the wall, but realize they need to start moving so they shift positions to face away from the wall so they can run from it next turn.

I drop another round of T-Aug into the path a few of the heavies are going to use to get to the ship in hopes of slowing them down.  Tako Nu’s Hunchback tears the right torso off the Watchman, neutering it of its large laser and machines guns.  Tako Nu’s Shadow Hawk squares off with the Davion Shadow Hawk and suffers a gyro hit while the Davion SHD-5D jam’s its RAC5.  I put a Gauss and PPC into the Osiris but fail to finish it off and the remainer goes into the Razorback.  In return, he batters my Wraith, punching a hole into my left torso, leaving 6 internal structure left.  On the right side, Bethlans and Warlocks tag the Warhammer again, knocking it down.  Some physicals are exchanged and the Osiris, overheating due to engine hits and alpha strikes, cooks off its own ammo and explodes.

Turn 3: One of the Sherpas gets on to the northern most ship.  On the right flank, our forces close in focusing in on the King Crab which suffers a through armor crit to the gyro forcing it to fall.  The remaining Davion units began to flee, trying to making their way to the ship.  On the left flank, Tako Nu and the Predators continue to mix it up with the Davion lights and mediums.  We spread our fight, knocking down the Griffin, Shadow Hawk, and Watchman.  Things are starting to turn favorably for us.

Turn 4: Four more trucks make it onto the northern most ship.  The Davion unleash some explosives on the chamber’s wall, releasing a magma flow in behind us, moving at a nice clip of 2 hexes per turn.  My Wraith, damaged, decides to make a run for the southern cargo ship and hides, still providing C3 goodness.  It’s sleepy time for some Davion pilots as the King Crab’s pilot takes some head hits and passes out as well as the Watchman’s pilot which now is only a walking center torso.  The Fusilier’s Emperor cluster shots the ailing Warhammer, critting out nearly every crit in the center torso, mission killing it’s gyro and engine.  Taku No’s Shadow Hawk is badly damaged, 2 internal structure remaining in the center torso.  The final casualty is the AFFS Centurion, which is cored out.

Turn 5: One truck gets on, but a second skids and crashes, wrecking the truck.  The AFFS Penetrator skids and falls, allowing the right flank to catch up a bit.  The Striker tanks, which had surged out, down the center of the map and then made their way west, to the southern ship decided to pursue my Wraith into the ship…unfortunately, it was going to take them through some mine fields.  Needless to say, they sent off a lot of mines, stripping the front armor off two and slowing them down.  My Wraith decides to snap shot one of the Strikers, finishing it off.

My Falconers combine fire to finish off one of the Rommels while the Emperor crits another, killing the crew.  Taku No’s Hunchback tears up the Griffin, critting its LRM rack.  His Shadow Hawk finishes off the sleeping Watchman while the Hatchman cores out the durable AFFS Shadow Hawk with a RAC burst.  The Cataphract finishes off the King Crab with a aimed plasma shot to the face.

Turn 6: The 8th truck makes in on the northern boat and we continue advancing, our intent is to secure the southern cargo ship to make sure we can get our damaged/breached ‘Mechs out of this cavern.  Taku No’s Shadow Hawk, suffering from a gyro hit, sprints into the ship successfully.  However, he fails his PSR and cores himself out.  At least his pilot will survive the lava.  My Wraith, which was hiding, attacks during the movement phase, finishing off the other damaged Striker.  We continue to hound their Heavies which are falling back to the northern ship.

Turn 7:  My Falconer finishes off the 2nd Rommel on the left side, and the Emperor immobilizes the other.  A Striker and the Griffin come to join my party in the ship and Taku No’s Hunchback comes in as well.  He focuses on my Wraith, hoping to finish it off.  I survive the LPL shot, and my Wraith and the Hunchback kick the Griffin to death.  Up top, the Fusiliers and Irregulars continue to harry the Penetrator and Thunderbolt, inflicting heavy damage on them.  Additionally, they start peppering the cargo ship, inflicting some engine hits on it.

Turn 8:  The JagerMech gets on the northern ship, hoping it had gotten to safety.  “Hot Rod” the Atlas pilot kills destroys the immobile Rommel and hits the fuel tank on the cargo ship, blowing it to pieces.  The cargo trucks and the JagerMech are utterly destroyed in the ensuing explosion and fire.  And at this point, we’ve secured the southern boat and cut off the only escape of the Davion ‘Mechs besides the Stalker which can flee in the water.  The remaining AFFS forces call to raise the white flag and barter passage on our boat and away from the flowing magma.

The Body Count:

The Taku No Shadow Hawk was cored out, but the remains were on the cargo ship.  My Wraith, the Fusilier’s Devastator, and the Cataphract were heavily damage.

We were able to take out nearly off the AFFS forces, but accepted the surrender of 2 Striker tanks, the Razorback pilot, the Griffin pilot, the Thunderbolt, and Penetrator.  The Stalker, unmarred, was able to make it out. On top of that, we commandeered the cargo ship, which would certainly fetch a good amount of C-Bills.

The ROMs of successful missions like this earn you a certain amount of street cred.


This was a very good depiction of a team formulating a battle plan, sticking to it, and ultimately succeeding.  We matched our speed against their speed and our brawlers against theirs.  We all played our parts, we never tried to be heroes, or do anything spectacular.  The Davions probably should have moved their heavies and assaults a turn earlier to help keep the distance between us and them.  They did not anticipate that I’d invade their cargo ship either.

The lava definite increased the intensity of the mission.  It forced us to press them.  Additionally, it hindered us from securing a lot of salvage as well.  It was really good fortune that I attempted and succeeded in capturing their cargo ship allowed us to save some of their pilots and their ‘Mechs.  Unsure of what we’ll be able to salvage from the mission, but it could be a nice haul.

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  1. Nice job and an interesting setting/mission.

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