The Start of the Art

A few weeks back Marlin, who many of you may know from OBT and CBT, emailed to let me know that his brother loved creating BattleTech art and that Marlin was encouraging him to get into making some art for the Kapteyn Universe.

It is all well and good to have a good story, but when you ally that story with excellent art, the whole universe gets and enormous boost.  Although I can produce a nice map and a passable unit logo from time ti time, my art skills end there. So when given the offer of art for one of our in universe Mechs, I had to take the offer up.

Having an artist and a fiance, I know that the design process can take a little time, especially when just starting to work with a new collaborator.  So i paitiently waited as scr_nsc_n (the artists handle) created his sketches and notes and produced the initial design.  IT WAS PERFECT from the first attempt, likely so as we had a well developed Tech Readout on the SAN-01C San Andreas and noted that it was based on the Warhammer and Longbow Mechs.

A few days later and the final images and all the notes arrived and I was overcome with just how good the whole thing looked.  I was blown away and so was Andrea, as we had created the Mech together as the first new unit in the KU.

So hopefully, here is to doing more work with scr_nsc_n, for as you can see, he has talent, loads of it and will likely be in high demand pretty soon.

100 tons of MAF assault Mech

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  1. The more I look at it, the better it gets. 🙂

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