Arbitration PodCast – May 2012

Arbitration Studio's May 2012 PodCast

Arbitration Studio’s May 2012 BattleTech PodCast

This month Arbitration Studios talks about Era Report: 2750, Historical: Liberation of Terra Vol. 1, and the Year of the Star League. The Studio also tackles the hard topics with a chat about Rio De Janeiro and the U.N. Conference. Just wait until you hear how the Brazilian Tourism board was working with “love hotels” to renovate their rooms for the conference. You know, to accommodate customers for more than an hour at a time.

All in this month’s PodCast from Arbitration Studios – the last word in BattleTech

Be sure to check out our June PodCast coming soon.

In our future episode, we’ll be discussing the new online games MechWarrior Online and MechWarrior Tactics. High Test will give his take on the new Era Report; Era Report: 2750, and we’ll send him off with a final farewell. There is also the Arbitration News Desk, our new partnership with and our plans for GenCon.

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Arbitration PodCast - May 2012


  1. interesting musings, wish Liberation of Terra was in my hands to look at it while listening lol

  2. I’m glad you guys liked Era Report 2750. It was a blast to write along with Joel. Thanks for the positive comments!

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