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Hey all, KM here with an exciting rendition of the move two-step: OBT has moved. Yes, in a long overdue change, I’ve migrated the entire site and contents to new hosting. Why? Because I should have done this like seven year ago, but didn’t, that’s why. Also, the new digs offer some additional tools to help publish podcasts, and host other media types.

As for the forum and some of the secondary/ancillary sub-sites, those are being spun off. For the most part, site traffic to the forum and sub-sites is minimal, and their separation doesn’t effect OBT.com in the least.

That said, migration of the main site is complete, and we’re in the process of fixing podcast propagation to service providers like Spotify, Apple, and Google. Once those are complete we’re off to the races.

As for the forum. The new domain is currently in flux. DNS propagation is taking longer than expected. Once the new domain has settled, we’ll be able to reconnect the forum through the main site, as well as let everyone know what the independent url is. There’s no specific timeframe for all of this to happen, but if anything drastic goes pear shaped, I’ll post an update in the comments below.

Be well!

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    Hey all, there’s still a DNS resolution issue that’s semi-actively being fixed. I’m terribly sorry for the delay.

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