Gencon 2022 is here, and in Part 1 of our two-part PodCast special, it’s all about the future of BattleTech!  Then we’re off for MrsArbiter’s review of a Question of Survival.  Next, and against our better judgment, our middle segment covers some of Blaine Pardoe’s drama.  And last, we’ll wrapContinue Reading

In a much earlier post I spoke about fansite creation. I focused specifically on the process and some of the elements, including a site’s major working components to create a really great BattleTech fansite. In the months since I’ve worked with a couple of dedicated members of the BattleTech communityContinue Reading

Conventional wisdom, or more accurately my patience and sanity, dictated only using ‘Mech units when designing the Successor Lords (SL) game.  So when I first put the system together, it contained the rosters that you would find in the old house source books.  I found this to be very limitingContinue Reading