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June 2017 — BattleTech BETA Month

For our special June Podcast, we’re going gloss (read: jump) over the new changes made to CGL’s leadership, and our lack of Historical: Second Succession Wars, to instead offer our impressions of the new Harebrained Schemes BattleTech Beta. That’s right, get excited for some digital BattleTech goodness. Raise the Atlas, what! After that, we’re tackling

July 2016 — Gotta Catch’em All! BATTLETECH!

We have finally reached con-season, and our official GenCon podcast kicks off with the Arbiters doing a little house cleaning. So before we bring you all of the best convention coverage we’re going to discuss the latest and greatest BattleTech. First up is Campaign Operations, then it’s Combat Manual: Kurita, and Ironwind Metals’s newest BattleTech