Sorry everyone, I missed the last mission on Vestallas due to a knee surgery.  As such, I ended up missing the final mission on Vestallas.  I was supposed to OpFor, so it ended up being ok.  Anyway, I did get a basic description of the scenario, so I will impartContinue Reading

This mission is a flanking mission that is part 3 of 4 for us on Vestallas. OpFor Force List: Davions: JagerMech III JM6-D3, Hellspawn HSN-9F, Dervish DV-9D, Falconer FLC-8R, LegionnarieLGN-2D, Phoenix Hawk PXH-3PL, Centurion CN9-Da, Enforcer III ENF-6Ma, Griffin GRF-6S, Shadow Hawk SHD-5D, Rakashasa MDG-1Ar, Argus AGS-4D & 2 CorsairsContinue Reading