Vestallas: Defend the Depot

Sorry everyone, I missed the last mission on Vestallas due to a knee surgery.  As such, I ended up missing the final mission on Vestallas.  I was supposed to OpFor, so it ended up being ok.  Anyway, I did get a basic description of the scenario, so I will impart what I know.

The Hexare Grenadiers, expecting a heavy onslaught of ‘Mechs, positioned heavy and assault ‘Mechs into defensive positions at the base.  Because the weren’t sure which direction they’d be coming from, they were spread out. We did a flight of aerospace support as well.

The Davions pulled a fast one on us.  They came with light ‘Mechs, vehicles, and demolition infantry, which the heavy ‘Mechs could not effectively deal with.

The merc’s spend most of the game shooting down fighters and trying to wipe out the infantry.  While the merc’s ended up clearing out most of the Davion forces, the time it took, allowed the Davions to inflict moderate damage to the depot.  Supposedly, the mission ended up in somewhat of a draw.

So it looks like our objectives on Vestallas have been completed, with varying degrees of success.  I’m not sure where we’re headed next, but I have heard whispers that we’re being intercepted in space, and are going to be defending our Mules in space.

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