Andrion Bids Goodbye to LCAF

Andrion bids goodbye to the LCAF

In a quiet but proud ceremony, the 7th Donegal Guards departed Andrion today, as per the agreement signed with the planetary leaders as part of the results of the world-wide plebiscite. The unit left with colours flying and fond memories of a now-free people, able to chart their own path through the cosmos.

In a short pre-departure press conference Leutnant General Maria Esteban said, when asked what she thought of the matter, “It’s not my place to comment on policy. That is the Archon’s job.  I am glad we are departing this world as friends rather than enemies, and I think the vote soothed many tempers here.  I am glad any potential violence was headed off, mostly due to the local authorities, whom I give a lot of credit to. The various on world constabularies did themselves very proud last month.”

In another surprise announcement made during the press conference, the 7th Donegal has added a small flag of Andrion to their unit crest and colours and paraded out with their Mechs and equipment painted in the colours of the planetary flag.

The 7th is thought to be departing for the front, but the unit PAO declined comment as to where they were going, citing wartime secrecy regulations.

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