Other Actions: May 3025

Federated Suns - Capellan Confederation Front


For the most part, the various pirate bands were quiet this month, but the campaign against the Painful Reckonings band came to a conclusion, further cementing the Oberon-Lyran alliance and the Taurians began to gain the upper hand against the defenders of Pirate’s Haven after months of frustrating stalemate and near defeat.


WORLD:                      PIRATES HAVEN

ATTACKER: 20th Taurian Defence Wing, Pack Rats, 2nd Battalion-Concordat Cuirassiers, 21st, 24th and 30th Taurian Armoured Brigades, 6th Special Task Group

DEFENDER: Pirate’s Haven, Pirates Haven Light Armoured Division

RESULTS: In a sharp, mobile campaign, the Taurians dismantled an attempt by the Pirate defenders to break the Taurian line in two. The Pirates were badly mauled forcing them to pull back into the planetary capital to await the final Taurian assault. An attempt to headhunt the pirate commander ended badly, with the Taurian commandos barely getting out with their lives.

WORLD:                      LC/CO/MS/11871

ATTACKER: Bad Dream, 12th Donegal Guards, Grave Walkers (both regiments), 3rd Oberon Guards, 4th Oberon Cavaliers, 3rd Oberon Air Guards.

DEFENDER: Painful Reckonings pirate band

RESULTS: The pirates made the mistake of trying to undertake a stand up fight against a force which not only outnumbered them, but was an experienced pirate hunting unit. The Lyran and Oberon regiments suffered very limited casualties and the decision was never really in doubt. After 15 days of fighting, the surviving pirates surrendered without condition.

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