Bolan Saved

This morning the people of Bolan and her valiant defenders were rewarded for weeks of desperate labor and sacrifice as the Free Worlds League Military conceded that Bolan had become a world to far.

The Free Worlds League had sent seven Mech Regiments to the Provincial Capital, supported by twelve conventional Regiments and seven Aerospace Wings, a force many in the LCCC believed sufficient to take the world.  However, lead by the 7th Lyran Regulars and backed by the Filthy Lucre and Stealthy Tigers, Bolan’s militia proved staunch defenders of their world’s liberty and a noble shield for their people and homes.

General Officer Commanding the defense of Bolan, Hauptmann-General Cliff Byas, had nothing but praise for the units under his command.  “Considering the losses sustained by the three units present on Dixie and Loric, many would expect such a force to fold.  However, the defenders of Bolan were inspirational in the efforts to protect this would and stand as an example of bravery to the rest of the Lyran state.”

General Byas was not all optimism and glee, with additional words of caution for those on Bolan who think the worst is over. “The Captain-General has made the smart move, by pulling off Bolan and ensuring Dixie is firmly his before coming back.  We have a month, maybe two, before the FWLM comes back with a greater force than before.  We will need more assistance from the LCAF, but I am sure the Regency Council will see the critical importance of our position and send what help they can.”

Despite this good news for the people of Bolan, the remaining battles on the Free Worlds front look to be going poorly for the LCAF as more Marik troops arrive in the Ford, Poulsbo and Dixies systems, whilst the LCAF tries to recover from the chaos of March.

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