Unrest Spreads

The continuing crisis in the edgeward regions of the Federated Suns Capellan March has seen several worlds behind the front begin protests and anti-government actions against the Capellan March and Federal governments.

The worlds of Ridgebrook, Lindsay, Warren and areas of the Pleiades Cluster have all erupted in the last week, calling for the Capellan March to sign a separate peace with the Capellans, in order to prevent the loss of any more March worlds.  More radical elements in the populations of these worlds are calling for their planets to succeed from the Federated Suns entirely and declare their neutrality.

Sources on New Syrtis have not commented as yet, but government officials on Ridgebrook are said to be deeply concerned with the current situation, especially considering that many of their usual garrison forces are now on the Capellan border, battling for their lives.  Following the activities on Merlin, inspired by rogue Taurian troops in March, the current crop of uprisings are causing many to wonder how the Capellan March government can really deal with them.

Sources in the Taurian Concordat declined any official comments, however, one government insider said the “I am not surprised that worlds which are tired of the Davion yoke have finally spoken out. Good luck to them.”  Although there is speculation that Taurus could be behind the current unrest, no evidence exists to support such a view, with any actions by the Taurians on this front a gamble, considering the strength of the AFFS.

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