FedSuns – Capellan Front: May 3025


The Davion resistance on this front began to crystallize this month, as the fighting on Beid intensified. More worlds were hit by the CCAF and the AFFS and even the LCAF began to hit back harder in both raids and attempts to take more worlds away from the Capellans in an attempt to slow them down. But, as April closed, it appeared the Capellan military was the only one of the Kapteyn Alliance not shooting generals or protesting an ever increasing number of dead young men and women at home.

Federated Suns - Capellan Confederation Front

WORLD:                      BEID

ATTACKER: CCS Acinaces, CCS Balisong, CCS Katara,  CCS Khurkuri, CCS Kris, CCS Makharia, 39th Capellan Aero Wing, House Kamata Aero Wing, House Fujita, Red Lancers, 11th Confederation Light Naval Group, 97th, 225th, 262nd, 303rd, 338th, 346th, 358th and 369th Confederation Reserve Brigades, Preston’s Lancers, Bullard’s Armoured Cavalry, Chaos Inc, Lockhardt’s Ironsides, Black Hills Regiment, 1st Death Commandos Strike Team, Moroushi’s Independent Assault Battalion

DEFENDER: 7th Crucis Lancers RCT, 8th Syrtis Fusiliers RCT, 3rd Ceti Hussars RCT, 39th Avalon Hussars RCT, 1st Federated Suns Armoured Cavalry, 128th, 131st and 136th Federated Armoured Brigade, 21st Independent Aero Wing, Beid Militia

RESULTS: The AFFS forces launched a massive counterattack throughout the month, and took heavier casualties than they inflicted on the Capellans for most of the time, but this was only the first step.

As the ground battle distracted most of the Capellan aerospace, a large force of Davion aerospace jumped House Kamata’s aerospace wing flying close protection for the Capellan Warship group and killed it to a man.  Following this, the AFFS aero fighters then made a few passes on the warships, causing minor damage, but winning a psychological victory for the AFFS after the inglorious end on Alcyone at the hands of the CCAF’s warship superiority.

As the month ground on, the Capellans began to launch local counterattacks to drive the Davions back to their start lines and they were, for the most part, successful, but Moroushi’s Battalion blundered into an ambush led by the 1st Federated Suns Armoured Cavalry, which destroyed the battalion to a man. By month’s end, the battle lines were much as they were at the beginning of the month.

WORLD:                      SIRDAR

ATTACKER: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Chancellor’s Own Capellan Grenadiers, House Daidachi, Kincaid’s Randers, McCarron’s Armoured Cavalry (less Baxter’s Brawlers), 3rd Confederation Light Naval Group, 30th, 53rd and 55th Confederation Aerospace Wings

DEFENDER: Davion Assault Guards RCT, Illician Lancers (all four regiments), 15th Deneb Light Cavalry RCT, Sirdar CMM, 138th 139th, 140th, 146th, 150th, 158th 168th and 172nd Federation Armoured Brigades, Fist of Mokal, Mechmasters, Michael’s Men, The Furies, Wylie’s Coyotes, 33rd, 39th and 41st Independent Aero Wing, 43rd Assault Dropship Wing, Sirdar Militia

RESULTS: Both sides spent April glowering at each other, with small probes and skirmishes being the order of the day.

WORLD:                      NECROMO

ATTACKER: Necromo Revolutionaries, 7th Fox Team

DEFENDER: 73rd Confederation Reserve Brigade, Necromo Militia

RESULTS: After an initial attempt at a coup, the revolutionaries pulled back into the hills and began to start a guerrilla war, taking heavy casualties at the hands of the 73rd and the militia.

WORLD:                      IKAST

ATTACKER: 188th Confederation Reserve Brigade

DEFENDER: Ikast Militia

RESULTS: The militia lasted a week against the Capellans, foolishly attempting a stand up battle, and getting crushed for it, the militia surrendered 8 days after the Capellans grounded.

WORLD:                      TEXLOS

ATTACKER: 15th Dracon, Albemarle’s Highlanders, Marshigama’s Legionnaires, Rivaldi’s Hussars, 3rd Regiment, Hampton’s Hessen’s, St. Cyr’s Armoured Grenadiers, 4th Death Commando Strike Team, 45th Capellan Aero Wing

DEFENDER: Hildco Air Wing, Texlos Militia

RESULTS: Texlos’s government had been attempting to negotiate an independent status for the world through ComStar, but the attempts had fallen on deaf ears on the Capellan side. The Capellan response arrived in system on the 5th of April, then proceeded to smash the Texlos aerospace defences and settled in to wait, beaming messages out which demanded the government surrender to “rightful Capellan authority” and spare needless bloodshed on both sides.

WORLD:                      WEATOGUE

ATTACKER: 157th Capellan Reserve Brigade

DEFENDER: Weatogue Militia

RESULTS: The Capellan invasion of Weatogue began quite badly, as a Gazelle class DropShip loaded with vehicles was shot down on approach, with almost a battalion worth of troops breaking up in the atmosphere. The remaining Capellan troops grounded without incident and except for a small skirmish, saw little of the Davion militia, as they withdrew into the planet’s extensive wilderness.


WORLD:                      TYBALT

ATTACKER: Crater Cobras (both regiments), Blue Star Irregulars (all three regiments), Grey Death Legion, 4th Fox Team

DEFENDER: 1st Ariana Fusiliers, House Hiritsu, Fighting Shamrocks, Hamton’s Hessens- 1st Regiment, Bolan Scouts, Tybalt Militia.

RESULTS: The Davion backed mercenary force landed on Tybalt, under strength for the task required, but the Capellan forces seemed content to let them remain in their LZ for the time being. All remained quiet through the month of April.

WORLD:                      JONZAC

ATTACKER: 171st Confederation Reserve Brigade

DEFENDER: Jonzac Militia

RESULTS: The Jonzac militia put up fierce, block by block resistance for the planetary capital, finally surrendering after 18 days of hard, but hopeless fighting. The Capellans honoured the survivors by granting them immediate parole, in hopes of making it easier to pacify the world.


WORLD:                      MANAPIRE

ATTACKER: 137th Confederation Reserve Brigade

DEFENDER: Manapaire Militia

RESULTS: The Manapaire militia inflicted heavy casualties on the 137th, shooting down a DropShip hauling two companies of tanks as the unit broke atmosphere. When the 137th grounded it, like its sister unit on Weatogue, found the Davions withdrawing into the mountains and woods, preparing to fight a long insurgency.

WORLD:                      RIDGEBROOK

ATTACKER: Ridgebrook Rebels

DEFENDER: 42nd Independent Aero Wing, Ridgebrook CMM (Alpha Brigade and Aerospace Wing), Ridgebrook Militia

RESULTS: A poorly planned and led rebellion was easily put down by the AFFS and militia troops on world within 48 hours.

WORLD:                      Pleadies Cluster

ATTACKER: 2nd Task Group, Pleiades Rebels

DEFENDER: Pleiades Militia

RESULTS: The revolt here was better planned, with the guerrillas withdrawing into outlying areas of the Cluster and preparing for a long war, but the Taurian government’s involvement was proven with the capture of a Section Leader from the 2nd Task Group during an anti-guerrilla sweep.

WORLD:                      LINDSAY

ATTACKER: Lindsay Rebels

DEFENDER: 2nd Light Cavalry RCT (Alpha Wing and Alpha Brigade), Ridgebrook CMM (Baker Brigade), Lindsay Militia

RESULTS: The Lindsay rebels made a mistake of attempting to seize several outlying militia armouries. The AFFS had been tipped off by a MIIO informant, and were waiting. The rebels were crushed, with 1 Light Fighter and 5 Light Tanks surviving to surrender.

WORLD:                      WARREN

ATTACKER: Warren Rebels

DEFENDER: Warren CMM, Warren Militia

RESULTS: The Warren CMM commander got word of rebellions on other worlds and got word that the rebellion meant for his world was forming in a river valley some 95km from the major city of New Wessex. The Warren CMM used their dropships to block both ends of the valley and then had a mixed battalion drop on top of the rebels, catching better than a third in the camp, most having gotten word of the impending Davion strike and fleeing into the hinterlands.

WORLD:                      HEILGOLAND

ATTACKER: 5th Syrtis Fusiliers RCT

DEFENDER: Heilgoland Militia

RESULTS: For light casualties, the 5th took the world’s available supplies and left within hours of landing.


WORLD:                      ALDEBARAN

ATTACKER: Team Banzai

DEFENDER: Aldebaran Militia

RESULTS: For light casualties, Team Banzai took ¢6 million worth of finished industrial diamonds.

WORLD:                      NANKING

ATTACKER: Screaming Eagles (Both Regiments)

DEFENDER: Kallon Mech and Aerospace Force, Tengo Air Defence and Tengo Heavy Air Defence, Nanking Militia

RESULTS: For relatively light casualties, the Screaming Eagles made off with 13 Assault Tanks from the Kallon Factory.

WORLD:                      BRYANT

ATTACKER: 2nd Davion Guards RCT

DEFENDER: 22nd Confederation Reserve Brigade, 2nd and 3rd Battalion, 3rd Confederation Reserve Cavalry, Bryant Militia

RESULTS: The 2nd brutally brushed aside the 22nd Brigade, smashed some outlying patrols of the 3rd CRC, outwitted the militia and then proceeded to loot the planet for ¢4 Million and 1 Heavy Mech before departing.

WORLD:                      CARVER V

ATTACKER: 10th Lyran Guards RCT

DEFENDER: 335th Confederation Reserve Brigade, Carver V Militia

RESULTS: For the second time, the 335th faced a Lyran unit, and for the second time, the 335th came off second best. This time around the 335th lost a battalion attempting to stop the Lyrans from looting the planet blind. The 10th took ¢12 Million and left with a promise ”We’ll be back to stay…soon.”, then departed for Caph, and service with the AFFS.

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