Star Bridge

Can the Federated Suns grow?

Although the inhabitants of the Hanse’s World administrative region of the Federated Suns Periphery March are enjoying many new benefits, they still fell isolated from the Suns proper.  As the former Tortuga Dominions, these worlds have long been separated from the Inner Sphere by a gulf of unsettled worlds, which harbour many unsavory types.

The newly formed Hanse’s World Business Consortium (HWBC), has begun to lobby all level of government to assist in properly developing the region and joining it physically to the Federation.

Spokesman Allan Dejong had this to say during a recent press conference. “The HWBC would like to see the re-surveying and resettlement of severl worlds between Broken Wheel and the old Tortuga Dominions as the first step.

The worlds of Bamburgh, Kenilworth, Valois, Frankston, Merowinger and Fugeres all represent known, habitable systems, which have seen successful human use in the past.

From there, new colonisation can be conducted to establish both permanent settlement and anti-pirate bases from these worlds to the old Tortuga Dominions, creating the link that is so desperately needed.

No official response has been made by either Filtvet of New Avalon as yet, with many seeing this call as just another wild Outback scheme designed to enrich a few snake oil salesmen.  However, rumour has it that certain government departments may actually be investigating the Star Bridge.

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