Mercenaries of 3025

1st Fluffy Bunny Guards

The 1st Fluffy Bunny Guards were the creation of on Morris Hanson, a mercenary broker on Galatea, who’s only military experience was two years of his AFFS obligation during the 3rd Succession War as an infantryman with the New Avalon CMM. Hanson was also known throughout Galatea as an epic drinker and practical joker. One evening, he decided to spread a rumor that he was forming a new mercenary unit, the “First Fluffy Bunny Guards”. Hanson thought that all the response he would get would be from ten gullible farm boys who would show up and find out it was nothing more than a joke. He was wrong, dead wrong. The creation of the Guards followed the phenomenon known as a flash mob, which spread around Galatea like wildfire, with alcohol and other illegal pharmaceuticals being the vital catalyst. Before Hanson knew it, he was signing the new unit into the register, and pledging a share of his fortune to a unit he’d only proposed as a drunken joke.

The next morning, nobody, especially the Guild authorities, were laughing. They told Hanson he had to get a contract for his “…regiment of lunatics, derelicts, drunks and refugees from alimony…” that he called a mercenary unit, or face charges under Lyran law for seventy-nine counts of fraud, theft through device or trickery and at least four separate paternity suits. Hanson shrugged and started to look for work.

Deth’s Hammers

To Samuel Deth, late of the LCAF, the trouble with many mercenaries is that they didn’t know how to use Assault units properly. Deth had an idea of how to do so, and a family fortune as the heir to the Barony of Clinton that made him able to put his ideas into action. He traveled to Galatea to form a unit to put his ideas into action. Happily, his resume as a former company commander with the 26th Lyran Guards spoke for itself and the applications outnumbered slots in the unit, but Deth got the unit he wanted, and it was a fearsome lot, competent, experienced and hard-hitting. Filled with a hatred of Dracs and Mariks, he didn’t want to work for either house, but he wasn’t too picky as to other employers and he was eager to show what properly employed Assault ‘Mechs could do.

Isis’s Horde

The disgrace of Iris Steiner led many in the 36th Lyran Guards to question the sense of a military that dumped an officer for following orders.  The ongoing difficulties the 36th had, when split across several worlds prior to the FWLM’s Operation THRESHER and their lack of resupply during the early part of 3025, saw a Battalion of troops up and leave the LCAF’s service.  Although not anti-Lyran, they are cautious about hiring on with the LCAF anytime soon.

Rhavannion’s Lancers (3 Regiments)

Walter Rhavannion left the DCMS in disgrace, his light horde tactics considered a joke.  However, a huge personnel fortune, a battalion of household guards, contracts with several light ‘Mech manufacturers and a raids on a storehouse, had him well on the way to creating an over strength regiment.  However, old Walter played it smart and continued hiring light BattleMech pilots throughout the late period of the Minimums Movement, netting an additional two Battalions worth of troops.  With two regiments of cheap ‘Mechs, he spent 3024 training them and hiring out to industrial concerns, always hiring additional light ‘Mech pilots wherever possible.  With the 4th Succession War now heating up, Rhavannion is ready to unleash his new horde on the universe.   The unit consists of Walters Warhorses (Regular Medium), Rhavannion’s Raiders (Green Light) and The Light Horde (Green Light).

The Andurien Rangers

Duchess Catherine Humphries has been less than pleased with the actions of Captain General Janos Marik and his son Thomas of late.  The recent Acts of Parliament, although supported and later enacted by Andurien, have taken much power away from the Provinces.  In an effort to get around this, the Duchess has formed a regiment of former Defenders of Andurien MechWarriors into a new regiment.  However, the unit is not for sale, as the Duchy hired it for 1 M-Bill and stationed the unit on Andurien.  Thought technically legal, the action of the Duchess has caused no small amount of concern on Atreus.


  1. Some nice units there! I especially like the 1st Flufy Bunny Guards. I’m curious as to who will hire them and for what purpose.

  2. They were the brain child of the FWL player and the saGM. They then went and hired on with the Mica Majority of all places.

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