ComStar Scandal?

There have been many whispers over the years about the ultimate loyalties of ComStar, but now with recent revelations, as to massive amounts of supplies provided by ComStar to the Kapteyn powers, the supposed neutrality of ComStar is now being questioned. The revelations have affected all manners of ComStar’s business dealings, from simple HPG services, which have been the sites of protests throughout the Lyran Commonwealth, Free Worlds League and the Federated Suns, to mercenary arbitration, where many mercenary units are letting potential clients know they would rather do without ComStar’s arbitration.

The Lyran Intelligence Corps is quiet at this time how they came upon the data, citing “sources and methods”, but did say in a rather candid press conference that “It’s probably the tip of the iceberg with regards to ComStar’s involvement in this war.”

In another disquieting development, all parties in the Andrion plebiscite have declined participation by ComStar in observation of the voting, with one pro-independence party member stating, “At least the Lyrans are upfront about the fact they’d rather we remain with the Commonwealth, who knows what ComStar is up to?

Furthermore, there are rumors of dissatisfaction amongst provincial units in the Marik and Kuritan armed forces over this development, with one unnamed source saying, “We’re dying here on [deleted] so somebody back on [deleted] can fatten himself up on ComStar aid?

There was no comment from Atreus, Sian, Luthien or New Avalon at press time, but an unnamed Davion official did say, “What can we do really? We can’t risk interdiction, but if ComStar thinks they’re going to get a dime more than we have to pay them, they can forget it. And if I were a Kapteyn power, I’d be damn careful. Gifts like this aren’t given because they hate us more than they love you. Sooner or later, the rug will be pulled, and when it is…I’d hate to be a Kapteyn soldier.”

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